19 May 2007

HELLBASTARD (UK) - Live 1989

This one is a recording I got in my tape trading era,it is a soundboard recording sent directly from Scruff (guitar) to the guy I got this recording from.Not a crystal clear recording,yet a powerful live act from this legendary british crossover-thrash band.I got no titles for these four tracks,so if somebody would like to send the titles to me,I`d appreciate it very much.

Somebody nicked Violent Scimitar (thank you very much) sent me the titles,so..

01.Heading for internal darkness
02.We had no evidence
03.They brought death
04.Death from above


CENOTAPH (Ita) - Thirteen threnodies , cd 1994

First of all,great people and great friends,as well as great musicians,the band Cenotaph from Trieste,Italy released first a demo as Warhead,then few demos,a full lenght album and an EP as Cenotaph,and then I think an album as Necrosphere.They gave a lot to Italian Death Metal scene,and with their permission I will upload all their stuff on this blog.Today two members and the manager from the Cenotaph days are playing in a great Hard Rock (it is hard to say Hard Rock,it is more like Warrior Soul,New York Dolls and stuff like that.) in a band called Fuel From Hell.This album is a great piece of Death Grind Metal,even I like more their demo phase.Try it,this is quality stuff anyway!Grazie a Max e Damiano per il permesso!

01.Larva in corpore Christi
02.At the eerie daemon gathering
04.No gods to pray to
06.Life,an unwanted bestowal
07.Hecatomb in heaven+Satanarchy
08.Anarcogiastic dance
09.Catacombal womb
11.Choir of a thousand laments
12.From ancestral sleep
13.Excommunicate us

DEEPER THAN WORLD (Slo) - Powerfest , Pula , 1st May 1993

This is a great Slovenian grindcore band which lasted for a very short time,and raised on the ashes of the band EXTREME SMOKE 57 (on the pic).The show they did here is a very good soundboard recording,and is recorded on the Powerfest 1993 in Pula,Croatia.

01.The krull
02.Unchallenged hate
04.I don`t care
06.Die hard
07.In chains
11.Cepaj celo

MARDUK (Swe) - Glorification , ep 1996

I am not a huge fan of Marduk,even I like their extremism-musical,of course.I am uploading this Ep for just one reason (and if you know me,the reason is pretty clear) ; the covers they played here.Well,the title track is really a great track,and I like the production a lot,but-you know-a band that covers on one EP Destruction,Piledriver (twice!!) and Bathory..well,I said enough,and Marduk did enough..

01.Glorification of the black god
02.Total desaster
03.Sex with Satan
04.Sodomize the dead
05.The return of darkness and evil

18 May 2007

HALI GALI HALID - demo 1988

The Hali Gali Halid demo (which,by the way,I found on the net that it is recorded in 1989,and then again in 1991,and not in 1988,but well,take the date you like,the important is the music in here!!) is a demo that will be fully appreciated by those who know the "music" from the ex-Yugoslavia.This is a mixture of Yugoslavian folk music and punk/alternative,and this is an extremely fun but powerful recording.I`ve just read that HGH (aka Goran Bare,vocalist of the Croatian garage rock band MAJKE,and btw player of ALL instruments on this recording!) recorded this demo literally for 2 grams of heroin.Fuck that attitude,but I invite you to listen to the great music from Hali Gali Halid.And one more thing;Hali Gali Halid released an EP in 1991 called VO-ZDRA.

01.Hajde da se drogiramo
02.Moje srce zna
03.Samo nocas da zaboravim tugu


BULLDOZER - Neurodeliri , lp 1988

Probably..no, SURELY the best Italian Metal album EVER!This trio hits perfection with this album,it is pretty fast and perfectly played,plus it is a short album of the "Reign In Blood" type,and by that I mean a one that you can listen to it over and over again.And I really hope you will.

03.We are...Italians
04.Art of deception
05.Ilona has been elected
07.Mors tua-vita mea
08.Willful death (you`ll be recalled)

MOB 47 (Swe) - Studio recordings 1984

This is the greatest Hardcore band ever,and if you know at least a little about HC,then you will agree with that.This is a recording done in 1984,they were the damn fastest band on the planet.The first 9 songs are released on the EP pictured here,and the following 11 tracks came from the same session.The band broke up by the end of the 80s,but they are active again,fast as always and stronger than ever.Enjoy this one and play it loud!

01.Karnvapen attack
02.Rustning ar ett brott
03.Res dig mot overheten
04.Vi rustar dom dor
05.Det ar upp till oss
06.Dom ljuger
07.Ingen framtid
08.Animal liberation
10.Vi kan
11.Snuten styr
12.Nedrusta nu
13.Religion ar hjarntvatt
14.Sjuk varld
16.Dagen efter
17.Vi vill ha frihet
18.Fred och rattvisa
19.Var varld


17 May 2007

Interview with TOM WARRIOR , Metal Radioshow SCREAM , summer 2001

Celtic Frost is one of the greatest Thrash Speed or whatever they were Metal band ever.Tom was one of the authors I respected the most,and when I got the opportunity in summer 2001 to interview Tom Warrior himself on the phone,I got too emotive.This guy was too big for me,I was totally lost during the interview,but I am not ashamed of that,that`s when you really love Metal from the heart.Sorry if I sound funny in this interview,but I repeat,it was too much for me.I decided now to take this recording out,so here it is to you.Have on mind that this interview is done in 2001,and the nowadays CF was only in preparation.I hope you will enjoy this.

CARNIVORE (USA) - Carnivore , masterpiece 1985

It is intentional the word "masterpiece" after the name of the album in the title.It should be written on every single note of that album.The band called Fall Out before and Type O Negative after,made this incredible album in 1985 and along with S.O.D`s "Speak English Or Die" the first to have on the cover the well-known NxYxHxCx sign.The music and the production is certainly raw,not as Necrobutcher`s (thank God!) but in it`s own way represents the image on this first album,which differs a lot from the second one (Retaliation).I must admit,the recording you have here is the remastered version from the cd,which doesn`t contain the rawness of the vinyl record I have growth with,but reveals a lot more than the vinyl did.If you listened to the vinyl album and know as me every single sound on it,this CD version will bring you a lot of new sounds that were hidden on the vinyl version.Ok,probably some of them were added later,but all in all they make the listening more interesting,and the sound of the drums is beautifully clear.
It is Peter Steele at his best,lyrically and musically.This record is the reason of the tattoo I have on my right forearm.
And one more thing;I dedicate this upload to the loving memory of KEITH ALEXANDER (guitar),who died in 2005. R.I.P.

03.Male supremacy
05.Legion of doom
06.God is dead
07.Thermonuclear warrior
08.World war III and IV


NECROBUTCHER - Schizophrenic christianity , demo 1989

Ok,first of all,let me tell you that all satanic and occult bands are funny to me,but this one beats them all.This is a cult demo,and a demo that I liked because of its crudity and rawness.There`s a lot of sounds you have to listen to very carefully;the vocal is like you gave a microphone to a teased rabid dog,and the drums are the funniest I have ever heard.It is something you simply have to try!!

01.Christ psychic butchery
03.Cerebral disturbance
04.Schizophrenic christianity
05.Noise vomiters
06.Death to posers
07.No thrash
08.Mrs. death
09.Abomination of god

AEON (Cro) - Ephemeral , cassette 1996

These are friends of mine,it was the first true technical Death-grind band of Croatia.They were from Pula,the city that gave most Metal bands than any other city in Croatia.They were active from early nineties as DISSECTION,but very soon they changed name into AEON.They have recordings under both names,and this one was the last one,I think.Of all the members,vocalist and bassist Rio is the only remained active,after Aeon he played in few dozens of bands,and today he plays in (as far as I know) in four bands!And,yes,no cover,sorry.

01.The inverted gate
03.The interspace between us
06.Sadness seas
07.Hallway to the unknown

16 May 2007

POISON ASP (Ger) - demo 1988

I`ve read about this great German Thrash Metal band that they have only one demo dated 1987 (5 tracks),but I got this one labeled 1988 and with just 2 tracks,and I know they had a video of the first track on MusicBox television.No tracklist titles,but very enjoyable.

PS;I received a message from the ex-Poison Asp drummer Crisse which says this ;
"This would have been the two songs we recorded for a sampler called German Metal Fighters then, certainly not an 'official' demo. We released the Beyond the walls of Sleep Mini LP in 1990 - after the band split up - which is still available online, for example from the Forgotten Steel webpage."
I thank Crisse for this precious message.And to the anonymous guy for the titles ;-).
PS:The video is amazing!!!

01.World of nightmare
02.Listen to the voice of vault

NAPALM DEATH (UK) - live Nottingham,07.07.1986.

A great live performance by early Napalm Death (I think it is the best line-up,the one with Bill Steer).It is a soundboard recording,but unfortunately a remote copy,so the sound is good but not totally clear.Still,great stuff guaranteed.

01.Instinct of survival
02.The kill
04.Caught in a dream
05.Polluted minds
07.Siege of power
09.Born on your knees
10.You suffer

NUCLEAR ASSAULT (USA) - rehearsal 1985

Another rehearsal I got from the tape trading era (I am trying to put here a lot of stuff from that time),with sound quality similiar to the Kreator one,maybe a bit brighter.I am not sure about the year,it was written on the tape I got.This is only two tracks,but again,the beginnings of Speed Thrash Metal.

01.Radiation sickness


KREATOR (Ger) - rehearsal 04.04.1985.

This one is a pearl I got at the time I was into tape trading.The sound isn`t of the best,but the songs are more than recognizable,and undoubtly a must for all Kreator fans,and especially,like me,fans of EARLY Kreator.

02.Tuning up
03.Total death
04.Storm of the beast

15 May 2007

MILADOJKA YOUNEED (Slo) - Ghastly beyond belief , lp 1988

And now something completely different...and I mean COMPLETELY.This is for my opinion,along with Sarlo Akrobata`s album,the best alternative music album of all the times that came out from Yugoslavia.Miladojka Youneed is a Slovenian band that played an extremely neurotic Jazz-fucking-experimental-core,and if I tell you Naked City-ish (but well,not THAT neurotic) then you know what is all about here.Supposedly recorded live,this is an extremely beautiful album for the lovers of extreme music,but the one with a big E.The vinyl came out in 1988 (somewhere is noted as 1987?!?) without any info about the band,the name of the songs,no nothing.M.Y. have the track list on their site,so here it is.If you ask me,highly recommended.But it is just me,right?...
PS:The file is originally as on the cd,no cutted songs,just two files,a-side and b-side.The songs 1-5 are side a,and songs 6-9 are side b.

02.YU Special
05.A je u omari..
08.Bis program
09.Swans lake

13 May 2007

CARCASS (UK) - Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment , demo 1987

We all know who Carcass were,in my opinion the best Death Metal band ever,from the very beginning.One of the biggest band I had the privilege to be the support band,and not only that.
A band that played from the most esasperate and chaotic grindcore to a virtuose Death Metal that was closely the 45rpm version of Iron Maiden.As we all know practicly everything about them,here is their first demo.In a later phase I will probably post some live bootlegs,all as a tribute to a band I really adore,and always will.

01.Genital grinder
02.Regurgitation of giblets
04.Limb from limb
05.Rotten to the gore
06.Excreted alive
07.Malignant defecation
08.Fermenting innards
09.Necro-cannibal bloodfeast
11.Die in pain
12.Pungent excruciation
13.Face melt aaarrrgghhh


I got this demo tape right from Mike Hickey (Cronos,Venom,Carcass,Cathedral,Goatreign,and obviously Altered Dominance) at the time he played with Carcass.Altered Dominance is a band he played with,or just a project,I really don`t know..If you try to type it in Google,there is absolutely no trace of that band.Anyway,I think this is a nice three tracker,it kinda reminds me of Biohazard at their top,with Mike Hickey known guitar skills added.It is not big,you can try it,and won`t be disappointed for sure.The demo cover is very simple,I put here Mikey`s picture,too..

01.Not the one
02.I can`t take it
03.Point your finger


HERESY (UK) - Never healed , flexi disc 1986

This is a truly beauty and a true masterpiece of hyperthrashing!!This flexi disc is EARACHE`s 001 release,and shows us how Thrash Metal and Hardcore can be fused into one spectacularly exciting mixture.Pure adrenaline!A fucking must have!

01.Never healed
04.Anguish of war
05.More blood is shed

UNSEEN TERROR (UK) - The Peel Sessions 1989

What we have here is a great session from the John Peel Sessions BBC series.This one is my favourite,and comes from a band/project by Shane (N.Death/Brujeria/a million of other bands) and Mitch (Heresy).Shane here played drums,and if you liked their album "Human Error",then you`re gonna like this even more.

02.Burned beyond recognition
03.Oblivion descends


05.Voice your opinion

06.Strong enough to change

07.Odie`s revenge
08.It`s my life (Sick Of It All cover)


MESSERSCHMITT (Cro) - Live Ljubljana 1989

Ok,finally a recording where I didn`t played anything ;-) .This is a great garage rock band from Pula,Croatia,and this partcular recording is an excellent soundboard recording of a live gig in Slovenia that Miro Kusacic (guitar,vox) taped me back in 1989.I was always very fond of this live recording,so I hope that Miro won`t have anything against this posting.The band is still playing and recording,stronger than ever.

03.In the heat of the night
04.I don`t like this game
06.Plastic eyes
07.I`m a fool for you



TALENTI (Cro) - EP 1996 , recording for EP , November 1996

The second and last demo by the band previously called Antitodor I Talenti,on this recording called just Talenti.It was a better produced demo which was supposed to be released as an EP/mini LP or as a side for a split LP with another punk rock band.The band had a big fight few weeks after the recording,and then splitted-up,so the recording remained unused.Part of the band continued as Talenti with a different line up,but lasted just one live gig.The vocalist few years later reformed the band under the name Antitodor,and is still playing.It is a shame that this recording was never used or released,so here it is for free download.Oh yes,no cover for it.

TALENTI - demo for EP 1996
08. December 1996. Recorded at EAR Studio (Stinjan,near Pula)
TODOR - vocal / VECO - guitar / CONGY - guitar / CHRISS - bass / ALEX - drums
Recorded and engineered by Goran Curic-Cotka
Produced by Goran Curic-Cotka and Alex
2.Vise ne trebam te (I never needed you - THE PARTISANS cover)
4.Anarhija u mome gradu
5.Fuck the police

ANTITODOR I TALENTI (Cro) - Gubitnik , demo May 1996

This is the first demo of a punk-rock band I formed and played drums in.We recorded this demo in one day,after just few rehearsals,but it came out pretty good.There are four covers and few our own songs.As for pix from the band,believe me,I never had any!!There is one video of our first gig,and a picture from the newspaper,but no pix of the band at all!
P.S:I must say that last year I have sent an mp3 of the Partisans cover to Andy Lealand (guitarist of Partisans) and I got a great response from him,I am so proud he liked it.

ANTITODOR I TALENTI-"Gubitnik" demo 1996.
16. May 1996.Recorded at EAR Studio (Stinjan,near Pula)
TODOR - vocals / VECO - guitar / CONGY - guitar / CHRISS - bass / ALEX - drums
Recorded and engineered by Goran Curic-Cotka
Produced by Goran Curic-Cotka and Alex
Guest "musician" . Goran Curic-Cotka - grinder solo on 6
1.Patike (PLAKATI cover)
2.Više ne trebam te (I never needed you-THE PARTISANS cover)
3.Anarhija u mome gradu
5.Nemojte misliti da se slažem (PROCES cover)
6.Zajedno sa vama (PLAKATI cover)

HATROSS (Cro) - last demo , autumn 1996

Again a demo with no cover,with the difference that this demo never had any cover.It was the last demo of that phase of the band,my personal favourite.The music went on to a slower kind of Death Metal,and 5 months later the band broke-up.

untitled demo
November 1996 , EAR-Studio , Stinjan
recorded and engineered by Goran Curic - Cotka
produced by Hatross and Goran Curic - Cotka
Alex - vocals,bass and keyboards , Vedran - guitars , Chriss - drums
03.Self Destruction
04.Outro (by F.Chopin)

HATROSS (Cro) - A Look At Tomorrow , cassette album 1993

This comes from the band that followed to the Devastation`s supposed end,it is just the continuing story,with a completely different line up and balancing now between Thrash and Death Metal.The demo was recorded in August 1992,and the live tracks between the recording and the releasing of the cassette edition.

demo "A Look At Tomorrow"
05.-10. August 1992,recorded at EAR-Studio,Stinjan (Pula)
recorded and engineered by Sandro Perocevic and Goran Curic - Cotka
produced by HATROSS,G.Curic and S.Perocevic
Alex - vocals , Vedran and Davor - guitars , Florijan - bass , Roland Human Drum Composer - drums
guest musicians;Damiano Perra from CENOTAPH-lead on A Look At Tomorrow,backing vocals
Frankie Stranscak from CENOTAPH-backgrowls on Pain,backing vocals
Denis Brhanic from CLUSTER-saxophone on Self Destruction
01.Intro (instrumental)
02.Napalm Fields
03.Dead End
04.A Look At Tomorrow (by Discharge)
06.Self Destruction
08.Outro (by F.Chopin)

cassette "A Look At Tomorrow"
released in March 1993 by "Forum Mladih",Pula
side a
same as on the demo,except for PAIN (rerecorded 01.02.1993.)
side aa
Alex - vocals,drums on 03 and 06 , Vedran - guitar , Davor - guitar on 01,02,04 and 05, Florijan - bass , Chriss - drums
01.Suicide (live)
02.Pain (live)
03.Napalm Fields (live)
04.A Look At Tomorrow (live) (by Discharge)
05.Intro+Bigmouths Sucks+Queen Of Death (live) (QOD by Gordi)
06.noitatsaveD (live)
07.Bigmouths sucks (studio demo 1989)
08.Outro (by F.Chopin)
01,02 - Rakalj , 02.01.1993.
03,06 - Pula , 19.09.1992.
04,05 - Zagreb , 22.01.1993.
07 - studio track by Devastation,March 1989

DEVASTATION (Cro) - The Possibility Of Life`s Destruction , demo 1989

This is the second Devastation demo,and I am sorry but there is no cover for this one.There was a cover made at the time,but it got lost and I am not sure if there is any copy anywhere anymore.The title is taken by a Discharge song.The band went slightly more Thrash-oriented,and surely there was the line-up change.Hope you`ll like it.

demo "The Possibility Of Life`s Destruction"
March-April 1989,recorded at Dean`s home,Sikici (Pula)
Alex-vocals,Wutrich-guitars and bass,Chriss-drums
recorded,engineered and produced by Miro Milanovic

01.Intro (by C.Orff)/Devastation
03.The possibility of life`s destruction (by Discharge)
04.Under the scalpel blade
05.Napalm fields
06.Bigmouths sucks
07.Dead zombie
08.Slaughterer from hell
09.Queen of death (by Gordi)
10.World in a grave
11.Outro (by F.Chopin)


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