24 August 2013

Re-Post: FULL METAL JACKET - compilation CD 1997

Now, for all those who think Croatia is not a Metal nation.. This CD is the only OFFICIAL Croatian Metal compilation ever released (I repeat, official, there is a recent one, but it is compiled as DIY so it is more unofficial), and contains part of the bands that were active then (except for B.Runner and D.Mortification, for example, there are Pula bands missing here!! Ok, it would be a triple cd, but still...), and it was made by Drinking Skull`s guitarist Marijan`s label. It is a nice try, even I still think that GDNHY should have left the place to a more Metal band, but they were probably Marijan`s friends, so.. anyway, from Drinking Skull, to the croatian COF clones Castrum to Firmament, all bands make a great compilation,  which should have been followed by a sequel..Obligatory for all the Cro-Metal lovers.

Bands featured:
Drinking Skull, Ashes You Leave, Swantears, Nezbit, Castrum, Amen, Gate, Swordsedge, Blockade Runner, GDNHY, Mental Effort, Venter Caret Auribus, Desinence Mortification, Firmament 


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