20 November 2010

EXTREME SMOKE 57 (Slo) + SEXORCIST (Hol) - Split EP 1992

Oh yeah, this is one hell of an EP, and I must say that I am the lucky owner of one copy!! The slovenian part is very Hardcore and the more controlled side of the EP, ES57 are a great band (I heard they reformed recently!!) andyou will surely enjoy their stuff. As for Sexorcist, it cannot be called as something serious, but is very listeneable, especially if you want to hear the shredding of Deep Purple`s biggest hit..All in all, a very nice EP.
PS:the sound gaps in the first two songs by ES57 are not mistakes, it is exactly as on the vinyl!

01.(Hate) Skate party
02.Heavy mental fans
04.Life is...your enemy
06.12 trax

SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA (Australia) - XX, ep 1993

Ehm.. yes, here and there we need bands like this one, who deconstruct everything on their way...This is one of their EP-s (they did hundreds of ep`s, more or less) dated 1993, and I am pretty sure you won`t need the track list.. for those who knows what 7MON are about, no wonder then.As for the others.. If you need something that will make your ears bleed, this is exactly what you need. If not, take it at your own risk :D .

01.Side A
02.Side B


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