21 December 2014

MISCONDUCTERS (Bra) - Hypnopaedia, cd 2014

Well, here I am after almost half a year. Yes, I admit I am lazy, but you who follow this blog know it very well...
Let`s go on with a band whose CD I received a few months ago, but well, I just found free time to post it right now.
Misconducters are a cool band hailing from Brazil (altough some infos says that they are originally from UK), and this should be their second full-lenght album. They play a kind of melodic Punk-Rock with a cool aggressive guitar sound, so they should satisfy the ones who love melody and controlled aggressivity in songs.

16 June 2014

HELLBACK (Cro) - Dvije Lubanje, demo 2013

Hellback comes from Pozega, and it is a band formed by former members of the bands Helldis and Fight Back. This is their first work, a very tight and dense Crust Hardcore with massive Metal and Punk elements. Recommended !!

31 May 2014

BONGLEY DEAD (Ita) - Demo 2 2013 + Demo 3 2014

Our friends from Italy are here again, this time with two demos respectively from 2013 and 2014. The fault is surely mine, because I received the 2013 demo at once, but me being sooooo lazy results in receiving the 2014 demo too, so I will put them here both, for all of you who liked their first demo already posted here. What we got here is a nice, almost perfect Indie Rock with loud guitars and strong pounding drum and great melodic vocals. I don`t want to compare BD with any other band, I want you to discover them. Because they surely deserve your attention.

03 May 2014

PARTLEKI (Cro) - Posto, Kume, Lonac , demo CD 2013

Partleki is something between a band and a project. They actually play parodies of old and less old children songs in Punk way. May be fun :) .

27 April 2014

FIGHT BACK (Cro) - Sva Vlast Narodu , CD 2013

Here we have the CD of my friend`s band. They are from Pozega, a city with a plenty of underground bands and a very healthy scene. This CD is a compilation of various works from this band: demos, live and rehearsal recordings. Crust as fuck.

01 April 2014

STVOR (Ser) - video clip "Kurac" 2014

Simple as that. I was kindly asked by the band if I can help them by promoting this video. And there you go. The title is serbian/croatian for "Dick". Nuff said.

09 February 2014

RECTAL DESTROYER (Cro) - Privreda I Drustvo, demo 2013

Rectal Destroyer is a funny new band from the city I live in, Varazdin, and this demo proves it completely. I am really not into this kind of stuff (this Aggro Core term is something actual in the croatian underground for several years, and the name itself says it all what is all about), but have seen them live, and all I can get from this is a lot of fun. And a great recording quality too.

31 January 2014

AMEN (Cro) - Alpha & Omega , cd 2013

Oh, well... here I am again.. I admit I really am lazy and I am sorry that I practicly forgot about this blog.. many things goin` on..
What we have here is the brand new album of the slavonian masters of Christian Thrash Metal, Amen. After many years of waiting we have a strong album offered. They also started with live shows again, so we may say that the band is fully active again. Of course, recommended !!


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