13 August 2011

DOOM MUSIC (U.S.A.) - game soundtrack 2 1995

Ehehehe, gamers... this is something that will refresh your memory (of course, I am talking to older gamers), it is music from the best FPS EVER !! I am sorry, but I am a HUGE Doom fan, and this music is a must for all the guys like me. If you don`t like this post just skip it. If you like Doom as much as I do.. grab this and reinstall it again !!
This pack contains 88 tunes from this great game !!

07 August 2011

DOWNSTROY (Ser) - One size fits all , cd 2010

This is a great album. My band played at the same festival with this guys, and believe me, their show was a blast! This is the album they released several months after the show in Shid, and it has a great production. I wish they recorded their version of Motorhead`s "Ace of spades", which was extremely interesting, but instead of it, you have a very interesting version of Blur`s "Song 2" !!

02.Pride (feat. Chvare)
03.You are a fool
04.Within your skin
05.Your game (feat. Marjan)
06.The keeper
07.Trapped in a machine
08.Leave me here to die
09.Song 2.1.


Ehm.. I posted this document of a past time, of a now defunct state and it`s army and of communism too. This army was the third most powerful army in Europe, which was blown off by itself in the split of Yugoslavia. The JNA (Yugoslav people`s army) has a rich cultural part of its existence, and this was one of it. Every republic in the state has its own Symphonic orchestra, and this one was from Zagreb (republic of Croatia). This record dated 1971 (a symbolic year for Croatia`s independence) contains marches and traditional tunes from all around Yugoslavia. A document of something that will never happen again.

01.Moja domovina
02.Koracnica Yu proletera
03.Na Drini
04.Nasa krila
05.Marjane, Marjane
08.Komandant Stane
09.Pozdrav nasoj armiji
10.Spomin na Soco
12.Splitske kale
13.Bosanska narodna koracnica


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