04 June 2007

DEMONIAC (Ser) - Demo 3 , 05.-06.03.1988.

Now,this is the WORST demo tape I have ever heard in my whole life!!I wrote about imperfections and natural playing about the Extremity demo,but this one is a catastrophe.There are no pros to be told,only cons;the production with a hall or an echo effect on a complete recording fucking sucks,the topic the band is about is sooo lame,the musicianship is even worse than the Extremity one,they are off rhythm the 90% of the time..what the fuck they recorded here??How can you headbang to this if every single one is playing his own rhythm??It is written that it is the third demo,I am afraid to imagine how were played the first two!!They released an album "Touch The Wind",I haven`t listened to it,but I bet (hope) they got better on that album..I put it here by request,but I don`t like it at all (no,I lie,I like the intro of the second song!True!Until the fucking gay vocal!).So here it is,enjoy if you can.

01.Holy war
02.Satan`s warriors
03.Rising power

DEMONIAC - DEMO 3 , 05.-06. March 1988

EVIL NEVER DIES (Cro) - Through The Thorns , demo 2003

Oh,man,this is a great melodic Death Metal band from Zadar,Croatia,of which I had this demo with the title TURN THE THORNS,while on the internet it is entitled THROUGH THE THORNS.I changed the name here,after I uploaded it with the wrong name,so if it bothers you,just change the name when you download the demo.I must tell you that we are dealin` here with very good quality music and recording,and here it is for you to know what Croatia hides in his own Metal-scene.

01.Misery path
02.End it
03.Nerve noir
04.Anti trust
05.200 rpm
06.Raped souls

AMNESIA (Ser) - demo 1988

Amnesia was a Serbian band that played a very old-school style of Speed Metal,but,despite the extremely bad pronunciation of english language,this is a fair demo with an intro,and two songs-first with english lyrics,then in serbian.This copy is not of the best,but it is a document of a time,and I am not sure,but this was probably the only recording they did.

02.My own way of life
04.Svoj nacin zivota

EXTREMITY (Bel) - Blind by.. , demo 03.1989.

Now,this is a particular one,I am,in a way,very emotionally tied to this demo.But it has its pros and cons.First of all,let me tell you that I do not love perfectionism in playing (that doesn`t mean that the recordings have to be messy or chaotic),I love a natural way of playing with all the imperfections that make the music more natural.Let`s start with the con(tra)s;this demo is played pretty poorly,the musicianship of those guys was at pretty low levels,there are a thousands of rhytmical and other mistakes on this demo.But the pros;whatever their skills were,they were a very inventive band,with interesting riffs and song structures,an interesting vocal (sometimes funny,but still interesting).Plus this one is a very clean production.I really liked this demo (and I still do!),so I recommend it to the old-school thrash lovers.And I expect your opinions too!!


01.Intro to ignorance+Blind by..
02.Living `till the end
03.Computers control
04.Life of a madman

EXTREMITY - BLIND BY.. , demo March 1989

RIPPING TREATMENT (Mac) - Stories Of Ordinary Madness , demo 1997

A very nice Bad Religion-esque hardcore with melodic vocal coming from Macedonia (still under the name FYROM-for all those who still don`t know,it is Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia).I think I got it from a Macedonian band,Last Expedition,of a different musical style,but here is for the moment this nice HC band.

01.Justice shall be done
02.Lambs to the slaughter
03.Where dirty dreams come true
04.God must be angry
05.My real enemy

03 June 2007

CENOTAPH (Ita) - Powerfest , Pula , 01. May 1993.

A great soundboard recording of their set at the POWERFEST 1993 in Pula,Croatia. Unfortunately, the set didn`t made a side of a c-60 cassette, so the first song is
cut-in, and the last is cut-off, but anyway the power the band had live is all here. Enjoy!

01.Choir of a thousand laments (cut in)
02.Life,an unwanted bestowal
03.Anarcogiastic dance
05.At the eerie daemon gathering
08.Perpetual wars on cerebral shores (incomplete)

ANTITODOR I TALENTI (Cro) - Uljanik , Pula , 25.10.1996.

One of the few shows we recorded on tape,it is a soundboard recording,so for all the fans of the band (well,yes,there are many) this is a must-have.Oh,yes;the picture here is not from that gig,it is taken 10 years after..

01.Anarhija u mome gradu
02.Vise ne trebam te
03.Sado mazo
06.Fuck the police
07.Gubitnik (incomplete)

CRNA SMRT (Ita) - Come Taste The Smrt , cassette 1992/1993

Haha..now take this.I think even the members of this band didn`t expect this one here!Here is a side project of members of Cenotaph,it was kinda answer to Leukkemiaa (ok,ok,I will put Leukkemiaa here soon..).They did this cassette out of two rehearsals,one from 1992 and one from 1993,I am not quite sure who were the members,I think they were Damiano,Max and Frankie.The title is taken from the well known Deep Purple album,and the cover will be posted here soon..you know..The musical style "somethingcore" is a style invented by Leukkemiaa,and it means "we play something,not quite sure what,but it is sure it`s ??-core".

Tracks 1993;
02.El brutales
05.Cioccocore (New York squallor)
06.The gore store (more gore than ever before)
07.Keine gegenstaende (aus dem fenster werfen)
10.Scik scik (extended version)
11.Paga cosa
12.Show no marsi
13.Sprut (ma che cazzo te soni)
14.Jebenti boga
16.Papa pupa pipa
17.Pompino party
tracks 1992;
20.Crna smrt
22.Sexual discharge
23.Possessed by pivo
24.Posso risponderghe a questo giovinotto
25.Tvornica cementa
26.Undertaker (Hulkmania is dead)-pt 1
27.Undertaker (Hulkmania is dead)-pt 2
29.Bambino morto e risorto per miracolo
30.Forgotten prepustnica
32.Lori pol agir de sconto (bonus track)


SACRED SERENITY (Cro) - Testament For The Wind , EPCD 2002

This is a demo of an octet (!) from the city I live in,Varazdin,and actually a band that did this recording (turned into this EPCD),few live shows,and disappeared.But this stuff is high-quality material,with a very good production,and two guests musicians(whaaaat???)....

01.Crest of temptation
02.Testament for the wind
03.End of mercury

WARHEAD (Ita) - demo 1990

Ok,we`re going back to the very beginning of the carreer of my friends from Trieste,Italy.This is the first demo of the band that will be later called Cenotaph,then Necrosphere,then today Fuel From Hell.Max (bass) told me to destroy my copy of the cassette,but man,I can`t help myself,this is good stuff,and I have to put it here!

01.Swords of Damocles
02.Cross-culted chameleons
03.God`s grave
04. ...and beyond
05.Depths of decadence

SKITZO (USA,Ca) - Mosh till mush , demo 1987

Another great demo of an American cool band,unfortunate enough to have any serious release later.But recently,they returned with a new album..The recording is fair,and the music here is as the title says..for all the old-skool fans.

02.When there`s no more room in hell
03.Satan`s grave

CYCLONE (Bel) - In The Grip Of Evil , demo 1985

Here is the first demo of this known Belgian Speed Metal band,the band where Christian Olde Wolbers (later in Fear Factory) started his carreer.It is a nice recording,the one here is not of the highest quality,but good enough for listening and for knowing what the authors of the "Brutal Destruction" album did in their beginnings.

01.Fall under his command
02.Incest love
03.In the grip of evil


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