05 August 2010

UNLOGIC SKILL (Cro) - Demotracks 1995

This is stuff I am desperately searchin for the last few years..I am searching for the complete demo, even I have three tracks on various compilation tapes. So I decided to put them here all together, just because it is a band I loved very much in their early phase. Later they got signed for a major Croatian label, wimped out the music and started singing in Croatian, which turned me off instantly. But what I want to remember here is the chaos and incredibly wild gigs they had before they sucked. It was a bunch of great guys playing Rap-Metal (yes, that one) but with an incredible intensity (I just can`t forget the chaos on their gigs at the chorus of White Nigga, maaaan !!) . So here is this demo, to remind me and you of this great band, a proof that going Major sometimes can ruin everything in just one move. Recommended as fuck !!

PS: this post is dedicated to the loving memory of Damir Badurina-Bada, found dead few years ago. R.I.P. Bada. (in the video the guy with the red shirt on the interview)

01.Show me the way
02.Unlogic skill
03.White nigga


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