31 July 2010

KEVLAR BIKINI (Cro) - Damn Rocknrollaz they Shook My Booty... Again, demo 2010


Yeah, that is it that is what you are gonna listen to this summer, and if you`re lucky enough, bang your head to this autumn !! This is, as they call themselves - the new Croatian Metal `n` Roll sensation. And they are not that far from this definition. I am damn sure you`re gonna like this one; a great production (I followed here and there the production process through the vocalists Facebook profile) and great unique tracks! The ideal combination for this great band. Get it, fuckers!

PS: from their bio : Songs feature anger, love, joy, machines and Liv Tyler. And one song has the word butt in there.

01.Boomerang granades
02.Go slaves!
03.Kiss it like it`s skinny Liv Tyler
04.Suped up machine
05.Supersized butt cake

30 July 2010

METRO (Ser) - Cupave Glave, lp 1983

Hard Rock, man. Balkanian Hard Rock. If you heard Griva, Divlje Jagode and similiar bands, this is something in that way. I have to thank Roihlem for this lost record, I didn`t ever heard of it back in time, and even is a 56 kbps vinyl rip, I must tell that it is pretty fair. For Hard Rock lovers.

01.U krizi sam
02.Ustani i pevaj
03.Probudi se generacijo
04.Kad udjes u svet paklenih andjela
05.Veruj mi
06.Cupave glave
08.Drustvo za provod

NEVERFALL (Slo) - EP 2007

From Slovenia we got some more modern power thrashing, Neverfall are a band I received from my contributor from Slovenia (forgot the name, sorry :( ) and I must tell that even if it is a small country, there is a pretty rich and healthy Metal scene there.This stuff here is certainly worth your attention, perfectly played and produced, a demo that you must have in your collection.

01.Digout the past
02.Love evolves
03.Cry alone
04.Eyes of destiny


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