09 February 2013

TESTATOR (Ser) - Testator, EP 2012

Yeah !! Serbia gave us another great old school Thrashing band. Testator are one of many (and this fact is not bad at all !!) serbian Thrash Metal bands caring for the old school output. This is their first EP, released for the Nocturne Magazine series, and given to me from the band`s dudes directly. I enjoyed, so you do too !!

03 February 2013

the LTP+SKVERNA (Rus)-In Noise We Grind, split Ep 2012

Well, I started receiving stuff from bands that want to be featured in this blog so let`s feature them one by one. This is a noisy split EP hailing from Russia, Skverna from Moscow and the LTP from Siberia. All this stuff is strictly for Noise lovers, with Skverna playing some Industrial Post-Hardcore Noise, and LTP playing only Noise, haha.. all in all, pretty stuff. And thanx to the LTP for the stuff !!


the LTP


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