19 December 2011

BOLESNO GRINJE (Cro) - Grinje! Grinje! Grinje! , cd 2011


Allright, here is the new release from the Grind masters from Pula, Bolesno Grinje !! I got it yesterday from both Jule (guitar) and Hoc (bass), and posting it straight on ! This album is an AWESOME release, balancing through Grindcore, Crust, and the most furious and insane Death Metal. This is the first release after their drummer Rio left them (actually, as far as I know, he left all the bands he played with and went Techno-DJing..), and with the new drummer Luze. The pace is still very fast and very loud, and if you like the fact of 15 songs in 25 minutes (but actually it`s 14 songs in 21 minutes, as the last song is some kind of noise), then you should download this album right away! To be fair to the band, I will put two links for download, one is mine, and the second one will be theirs, where you can download the album with a small amount of money, helping that way the band in releasing a vinyl of this album (but you can also write 0 euros and download it anyway). ENJOY THIS FUCKER !!!

01.Grinje! Grinje! Grinje!
02.Svijet betona
03.Mamuti iz proslosti
04.Radio grind
06.Kreteni na vlasti
07.Drzava klosar
09.Pobjeda je nasa
10.Direktna veza s bogom
12.Mrtva djeca
13.Hail satan, blood and orgy
15.Posao ubija



18 December 2011

STAMPEDO (Cro) - Promo Tape 1996

I loved this band back in the 90s. Actually, I loved only the period of this promo tape, their explosive live performances.. wow, what a band it was.. with their first album they kinda mellowed out, I didn`t accepted their semi-sell-out transformation, so I am putting here a great, and I mean GREAT Promo tape from 1996!!

02.Vilinsko kolo
04.Tarzan je u dzungli
06.Tango (na plavom zalu)
08.Vilinsko kolo II


LIVING DEATH (Ger) - Demo 1984

Oh, this is a nice one. For all the nostalgic Speed metal lovers like me, here is the LD`s demo from 1984, a pretty fair recording that will remind you how good those times were...

01.Watch out
02.You and me
03.Heavy Metal hurricane
04.Night light


ORACLE ENCOUNTER (Cro) - The Art Of Projection, ep 2011

Oracle Encounter is actually the return of Tomo, frontman of the now probably forever defunct Blockade Runner. Here we have a very modern way of expression, showing that Tomo is really far from quitting it all..

01.Purified will
02.The art of projection
03.Cosmic database


RIBLJA CORBA (Ser) - Nema Lazi, Nema Prevare - Live Zagreb 03.02.1985

..A great recording (soundboard, of course) of the mk2 line-up of this once great Yugoslavian Hard Rock band.. the show is recorded in Zagreb in 1985, much before the goddamn war splitted Yugoslavia. A rare document of excellent quality, worth having it in your collection.

01.Draga ne budi peder
02.Dvorska budala
03.Rock `N` Roll za kucni savet
04.Necu da ispadnem zivotinja
05.Dva dinara druze
06.Evo ti za taxi
08.Hleba i igara
11.Kad hodas
13.Kako je lepo biti glup
15.Ajde bezi
16.Odlazak u grad
17.Ostacu slobodan
18.Volim, volim, volim, volim zene
19.Necu da te volim
20.Prica o Ziki Zivcu


02 December 2011

HEADBANGER (Cro) - Headbanger Machine, cassette 1992

This is something by request, but something that anyway was waiting to be posted. In the 90s, Headbanger started as a pretty sloppy but very defined band, making very exciting shows (see the video). Later they raised their skill level much higher, but the music also became more mature. This is their first phase, and a very nice cassette !!

02.Fast `n` free
03.Like one all
04.Dirty town
05.Preachers of Rock `n` Roll
06.Da pucaju glasnice
07.Autopsy of soul
08.Criminal madness
09.Black dog
10.Headbanger machine

OSTEND POWERS (Bel) - Full, cd 2009

I received this mp3 album from my friends from Ostend Powers from Belgium. This is a full massive guitar riffs collection, the recording is at a very high level, and I will probably be very close if I compare them to Alice In Chains (but not completely, just in shades).. a reason more for you to get this!

03.One day
04.All rise
06.The prophecy
07.The rover
10.Step into the dark
11.Chromosome war
12.Live bonus track

FEAR OF GOD (Swi) - Live 1988.

Finally, the (momentarily) last live recording I have from Fear Of God, recorded in 1988 in an unknown location. The recording is more or less good and listeneable, but hey, this is FOG, do not ever expect an Iron Maiden production.....

01.Running through the blood
02.Trouble maker+Absolution
03.A life in rigorism
04.Locked away
05.Controlled by fear

24 November 2011

WELICORUSS (Rus) - Kharnha, ep 2011

And here we go to Russia and my friends from Welicoruss, who sent me this great EP, cool stuff with a rich orchestral production, stuff you will like if you like bands using symphonic elements in their Metal.

02.Bridge of hope
05.Kharnha (Orchestra version)

MARAS (Mak) - Raskol, cd 2008

You know me, I am not into any kind of Black Metal, not even following anything about it, but I will always help any band from the ex-Yu territory to get more airplay and possible fans or listeners. And to be honest, there is absolutely no reason not to try them, excellent Pagan BM with a very good production, and with (something the band is probably very proud of) lyrics in Macedonian language (with a lyric sheet with translations in English). A very nice release. Try it.

01.Chortova dolina
02.Niz ridovite na izgubenata zemja
03.Pokrst (po patot slepci odat)
04.Vo slava na Triglava
05.Sin na mudrosta i volkot
06.Iljada i chetiriesetta
07.Neka gori ognot paganski

06 November 2011

THE BLOODY EARTH (Ser) - Requiem Of The Weeping Souls, cd 1996

Now, this band comes from Serbia, and even I am not a fan of My Dying Bride, I think they re-interpreted the MDB style perfectly, and it sounds very very good. Actually, if you ask me (and you don`t, but I will say it anyway) I will rather take a listen to TBE..

01.When the beauty dies
02.Dethroned emperor
03.Beautiful dying flower
04.Forgotten misery
05.To the virgins
06.Forever sorrow
07.Celestial tears
08.Nevermore I`ll laugh

U.B.R. (Slo) - Yugoslavia Panic, demo 198x

The slovenian U.B.R. were undoubtely one of the greatest HC bands from the ex-Yu territory. And surely one of the most succesful, being part of one of the most legendary compilations of it`s kind, the Maximum Rock`n`Roll one, along with great manes as Rattus, Raw Power, Terveet Kadet and others. The track featured there is from this tape, the song Harmonija. Now, if you heard that song then you have exactly the picture how this demo sounds. Killer.

01.Organiziran kaos
03.Lepote moje domovine
04.Clovek vrednota sistema
06.Revolucija je kurda
07.Alternative ni

LETHAL AGGRESSION (U.S.A.) - From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore, demo 1985

This is one of my all-time-favourites demo (along with Death`s Infernal death and Phantasm`s 1987 demo), and, as somebody asked, a great copy. This is a great crossover piece, heavily metallic but still with a lot of HC power and aggression. A must, if you ask me.

02.Vodda vodka
03.Country pig
04.Morbid reality
06.Metallic rage

27 September 2011

ORMUS (BiH) - Transmission , cd 2010

Excellent Thrash Death Metal from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They got a female vocalist you won`t believe your ears, and you wouldn`t surely like for your wife. Just kidding, of course (only the thing about the wife). Surely an item to have in your collection.

01.Dark room
02.Hear the chaos
03.Stray life
04.Invented secrets
05.Wise orgy
06.Music of war fields
07.Piss on your preach (R.I.P. Bosko Space Eater)
08.Crawing first
09.Black lightning
10.Ode after litany
11.The name of my vision
12.Something beside
13.Transmission (instrumental)

DEFILEMENT (Ser) - Promo 2009

Ok, what can I say about this recording.. this is really Brutal Death Metal at its finest, and coming from Serbia, a country you obviously must have noticed as a very very rich in all kinds of Metal. Well, I got this one from my bro Darko, and this is something that is high quality as any other BDM band from any part of the world. Bang your head to this !

02.Torture room
03.Mindless and aggressive
04.World cadaver

20 September 2011

ZAPRTI ODDELEK (Int) - International HC Compilation CD 2010

Wow, now you got a plenty lot of bands to discover.. This is a great HC compilation given to me last summer by my friends from Dislike. The compilation is made in Slovenia, and most of the bands featured here are from the ex-yugoslavia states (a fast look tells me that is, once again, a Slovenian-Croatian selection), and what makes me even more happy is that 4 bands are from my beloved Pula. Ok, now, take your time to listen to this awesome cd.

01.GUIDED CRADLE-Violence Is Calling
02.BOLESNO GRINJE-Pohlepni Kurvini Sinovi
07.BUD SPENCER-Bruno Hellhound
08.HELL PATROL-Democracy
09.DEATH MOLD-Flag Of Hate
10.DISLIKE-Ti Si Mrtav
11.COMA STEREO-La Resistance
12.40 GRADI-Pelc Aparat
13.FAAK AM SEE-Balkan Punx
15.WASSERDICHT-V Izlozbi+Naznanilo
16.AJZAK JOZKI-Shades Of Doom
17.MIND THE GAP-Indebrown
18.THIS DAY WILL BURN-Captains Go Down With Their Ships
19.TRUE-Legal Robbery
20.HIJOS DEL PUEBLO-Problematicni Robovi
21.TAVZNTROZA-Sazas Fuck Off
22.NULLA OSTA-I Want To Die
23.ANAEROBA-Over The Walls And Borders
24.MAN ZERO-Nods Of Approval
25.HESUS ATTOR-La Hesusaracha
26.VULVATHRONE-Toilet Slut
27.BAKA YARO-Cries
28.AKEDEIA-Zalostinka Za Mrtvo Princeso
29.PRIDIGARJI-Nesrece Se Dogajajo
30.AUSTIN LUCAS-Farewell
31.ZAPRTI ODDELEK-With No Remorse

16 September 2011

FEAR OF GOD (Swi) - Luzern 07.09.1987.

Another fine live and raw recording of the Swiss masters Fear Of God. I have 2 more live recordings for you fans, and those will follow in the near future. Meanwhile, with this live recording I start with three legendary bands posts, you will like them for sure !

01.N.i.b. (Black Sabbath)+Rubbish planet
02.Proud on your pride
03.Circle a
04.What I see
05.Coform (Siege)
07.Prisoner of your ideals
08.Useless murder
09.O.s.l. (Larm)
11.Burned out
12.Could be fatal
14.Old people (Cynamid)
15.No noise no good
16.Seven up
17.No harmonies no sense+Redneck
19.Trouble maker
20.The kill (Napalm Death)
21.You don`t care (Ripcord)
22.Only in it for the music (Extreme Noise Terror)

03 September 2011

SIHIRATOR - Moshus Pejgamberov, demo 2010

Great stuff ! The Bosnian Thrash Metal sensation Sihirator, already in Audioheaven, are here now with their second demo, fast Old School Thrash Metal at it`s best ! And they are interesting also in criticizing Islam and with lyrics practicly same as the Black Metal.. I think, if that is called Black Metal, this may become Green Metal ?? Hahaha, judge yourself!!

01.Popunite i poravnajte saffove
02.Silovanje na minberu
03.Egzekucija hodze
05.U mesdzidu

25 August 2011

MY DARKEST TIME (Mac) - End Of My Darkest Time, cd 2008

This is a very nice and atmosheric album by the leading Macedonian Christian Metal band. Actually, it`s a one man band, and even if it`s recorded in hard conditions and sounds a little unpolished, this is a personal story of the main man Zarko Atanasov, who turned to being christian after he got ill of cancer. His story is in the folder in a .doc document.
Enjoy and support !

01.Inner voice
04.Then we shall see...
05.In control
06.Broken life
08.Looking within for strenght
09.Life expectancy
10.In memoriam
11.When we leave this earth
12.God`s power
13.Maranatha (bonus track)

OSLOBODIOCI (Ser) - Live Ljubljana 1989

Oslobodioci from Serbia are a band I didn`t knew of until my contributor Vladimir gave me a lot of stuff from them. Well, this one is a soundboard recording of a gig in Slovenia dated 1989. The stuff they play is melodic Punk Rock, so it is very listeneable!

01.Pera Djokic je moj drug
02.Mr. Alcohol
05.Posle svega
07.Ti si ponosan na vlast
08.Bitna je lepota

NEPAL (Cro) - Freak Out, demo summer 1992

This demo was given to me by my friend Marin, once the vocalist of Nepal, today the vocalist of Effatha. This demo is something we listened to back in the 90s, and we also had a lot of opportunities to see them live too. The band recorded just this demo, it is cool stuff, Hard Rock with an alternative touch.

01.More skin
02.In need (rush)
03.My universe
04.I wanna be free now
05.Flying song
06.Pale driver
07.Not at all
08.Never let you go
09.Nowhere to go
10.Rose give me overdose
11.Round to the ground

18 August 2011

KARIZMA (Ser) - Vreme Je Za Nas, lp 1988

Oh, yeah, another fine contribution from my long-time contributor, Roihlem. Actually, this one surprised me a lot. This was a Glam Metal band from the last years of Yugoslavia`s existence. Glam Metal in Yugoslavia was pretty much a nonsense for me, but actually this band made me think of the early Osmi Putnik, so it was not impossible at all.. The music you can hear here is a quite simple and "Balcanic" Hard Rock/Glam Metal, but sounds (beside the production) very good! A piece for the collectors of ex-Yu music very nice to have in the collection !

02.Vrati se
03.Ne zelimo kraj
04.Ti si prosla kao san
05.U noci bez sna
06.Daj mi
07.Bez tebe
08.Vreme je
09.Ko sam ja

DIRTY WOMAN (Mex) - Demon Lover, cd 2010

Now, it`s time to right some wrongs I did during the posting for this blog. My friend Edson from Mexico City sent me this band about 13 months ago to review it on Audioheaven, and, frankly, it is my fault if you weren`t able to hear this band until now (deeply sorry, Eds). Well, here is a greatly produced Stoner Metal band pretty active in their homeland Mexico, for all stoner maniacs, this is surely stuff to have and consume !!

01.Crowned by nothingness
02.Don`t shoot
03.Inner circle of pain
04.To invade the sky
05.Master of Draconians
06.Yes, I sold my soul
07.Riding free
08.Demon lover
09.My sadness
10.Delivered to evil
11.Spreading the rage (bonus track)

13 August 2011

DOOM MUSIC (U.S.A.) - game soundtrack 2 1995

Ehehehe, gamers... this is something that will refresh your memory (of course, I am talking to older gamers), it is music from the best FPS EVER !! I am sorry, but I am a HUGE Doom fan, and this music is a must for all the guys like me. If you don`t like this post just skip it. If you like Doom as much as I do.. grab this and reinstall it again !!
This pack contains 88 tunes from this great game !!

07 August 2011

DOWNSTROY (Ser) - One size fits all , cd 2010

This is a great album. My band played at the same festival with this guys, and believe me, their show was a blast! This is the album they released several months after the show in Shid, and it has a great production. I wish they recorded their version of Motorhead`s "Ace of spades", which was extremely interesting, but instead of it, you have a very interesting version of Blur`s "Song 2" !!

02.Pride (feat. Chvare)
03.You are a fool
04.Within your skin
05.Your game (feat. Marjan)
06.The keeper
07.Trapped in a machine
08.Leave me here to die
09.Song 2.1.


Ehm.. I posted this document of a past time, of a now defunct state and it`s army and of communism too. This army was the third most powerful army in Europe, which was blown off by itself in the split of Yugoslavia. The JNA (Yugoslav people`s army) has a rich cultural part of its existence, and this was one of it. Every republic in the state has its own Symphonic orchestra, and this one was from Zagreb (republic of Croatia). This record dated 1971 (a symbolic year for Croatia`s independence) contains marches and traditional tunes from all around Yugoslavia. A document of something that will never happen again.

01.Moja domovina
02.Koracnica Yu proletera
03.Na Drini
04.Nasa krila
05.Marjane, Marjane
08.Komandant Stane
09.Pozdrav nasoj armiji
10.Spomin na Soco
12.Splitske kale
13.Bosanska narodna koracnica

30 July 2011

GILJOTINA (Slo) - Giljotina, cd 1999

Back to Slovenia, here is some good Thrash Metal from Celje, a perfect recording. I don`t know why but I would compare them to early Testament.. The stuff is sang in Slovenian so it may be additionally interesting to Thrash fans around the world !

01.Casa nesmrtnosti
02.Ze neki
03.Timeless world
07.Jaz sem jaz
09.Udri nazaj

24 June 2011

TORMENTRESS (Sin) - Thrashing disorder , ep 2009

Now, not only that they are very nice to see, but they are very very rude to hear !! This band proves (once again, of course) that the females are able to rock even harder than most of the male bands. This EP is pure Thrashing disorder, 4 tracks with the perfect production for the kind of metal they play. It would be a shame and a sure loss at least not to try them ! Excellent stuff!

01.Kuasa wanita
02.Visoes de feminista
03.State of fear
04.Thrashing disorder

19 June 2011

NADIMAC (Ser) - Po Kratkom Postupku (Speed retaliation style) , cd 2011


Here we go ! This is an album you expected since the release of the previous one, and here is Audioheaven to give it to you in advance ! The new album from the serbian Thrash sensation Nadimac is ready, and it is about to hit every single corner of the planet. And man, what an album. Everything is great here, from the production to the structure of the songs, not to mention the great lyrics by Dacha. The lyrics are in serbian as always, but this time you have two songs in english too !! The only bad thing in the whole thing are the countless mistakes in the booklet of this release, but well, you won`t listen to the booklet, so who cares. This is an album I am gonna listen to this summer definitely. And I am not telling this just because the guys are my Thrash brothers and dear friends, you can easily find it out yourself now. Area Death Productions were really lucky to discover them and take them before everyone did, now they have a real deal to sell :) . I will not be surprised if this band do the next album for a big, really big label.
I do not need to say that this is very recommended. And Kretor can piss themselves with the Nadimac`s verion of Pleasure To Kill, hahaha..

01.Hapsi sve
02.Izmedju dve vatre
03.Samo kec
04.Udri pseto
06.Smrtonosni ribolov
07.Gas do daske
08.Vitezi medicine
09.Kicma puca
11.Bekstvo od slobode
12.Pleasure to kill
13.Suicidal command
14.Grinding crossfire

26 February 2011

YU PUNK VOL.1 (1978-1982) , compilation cd 2008

Well, this is what I call a nice compilation of ex-Yugoslavian (actually, Yugoslavian at that time!) Punk. I am not gonna write down the tracklist, as it is really rich, and you can easily see the content on the back cover. I just can tell you that if you ever wondered how Punk sounded in a "communist" country like Yugoslavia, here is the answer. Enjoy!

DIAMOND DUST (Cro) - Demo 2007

This one is a demo from a Croatian band from Rijeka that is doing it very good, at very good levels and with a great production. What you read now is enough to make you take this demo, another document of Metal in Croatia well worth having in your collection!

02.Rise again
03.World of misery
04.Destiny words
05.Innocent guilt
06.Grinding to dust

12 February 2011


This is a blog I was asked to give a word about, but I am doing it very gladly, as this is a blog created by Hoc and Jule, the guys of Bolesno Grinje and countless other bands/projects. As far as I understood, this is a blog where they will post all their works, so it is an absolute MUST ! Check it out !

22 January 2011

SIHIRATOR - A.S. rehearsal demo 2010

And finally, I can post this relatively new Thrash Metal band from Bosnia, a band that deservedly gets more airplay every day. This recording is, as the name says, a rehearsal demo so the sound is just as a rehearsal should sound; raw and violent. The lyrics, as far as I understood is equal to black metal, only they don`t sing against christianity, but against muslims, which I must admit is very brave. Soon I will put also their first demo, so if you like this one, then keep on following the blog posts !

01.Silovanje na minberu
03.Tespih of pain
04.U mesdzidu


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