18 August 2011

DIRTY WOMAN (Mex) - Demon Lover, cd 2010

Now, it`s time to right some wrongs I did during the posting for this blog. My friend Edson from Mexico City sent me this band about 13 months ago to review it on Audioheaven, and, frankly, it is my fault if you weren`t able to hear this band until now (deeply sorry, Eds). Well, here is a greatly produced Stoner Metal band pretty active in their homeland Mexico, for all stoner maniacs, this is surely stuff to have and consume !!

01.Crowned by nothingness
02.Don`t shoot
03.Inner circle of pain
04.To invade the sky
05.Master of Draconians
06.Yes, I sold my soul
07.Riding free
08.Demon lover
09.My sadness
10.Delivered to evil
11.Spreading the rage (bonus track)

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