27 September 2011

ORMUS (BiH) - Transmission , cd 2010

Excellent Thrash Death Metal from Bosnia and Herzegovina. They got a female vocalist you won`t believe your ears, and you wouldn`t surely like for your wife. Just kidding, of course (only the thing about the wife). Surely an item to have in your collection.

01.Dark room
02.Hear the chaos
03.Stray life
04.Invented secrets
05.Wise orgy
06.Music of war fields
07.Piss on your preach (R.I.P. Bosko Space Eater)
08.Crawing first
09.Black lightning
10.Ode after litany
11.The name of my vision
12.Something beside
13.Transmission (instrumental)

DEFILEMENT (Ser) - Promo 2009

Ok, what can I say about this recording.. this is really Brutal Death Metal at its finest, and coming from Serbia, a country you obviously must have noticed as a very very rich in all kinds of Metal. Well, I got this one from my bro Darko, and this is something that is high quality as any other BDM band from any part of the world. Bang your head to this !

02.Torture room
03.Mindless and aggressive
04.World cadaver


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