02 December 2011

HEADBANGER (Cro) - Headbanger Machine, cassette 1992

This is something by request, but something that anyway was waiting to be posted. In the 90s, Headbanger started as a pretty sloppy but very defined band, making very exciting shows (see the video). Later they raised their skill level much higher, but the music also became more mature. This is their first phase, and a very nice cassette !!

02.Fast `n` free
03.Like one all
04.Dirty town
05.Preachers of Rock `n` Roll
06.Da pucaju glasnice
07.Autopsy of soul
08.Criminal madness
09.Black dog
10.Headbanger machine

OSTEND POWERS (Bel) - Full, cd 2009

I received this mp3 album from my friends from Ostend Powers from Belgium. This is a full massive guitar riffs collection, the recording is at a very high level, and I will probably be very close if I compare them to Alice In Chains (but not completely, just in shades).. a reason more for you to get this!

03.One day
04.All rise
06.The prophecy
07.The rover
10.Step into the dark
11.Chromosome war
12.Live bonus track

FEAR OF GOD (Swi) - Live 1988.

Finally, the (momentarily) last live recording I have from Fear Of God, recorded in 1988 in an unknown location. The recording is more or less good and listeneable, but hey, this is FOG, do not ever expect an Iron Maiden production.....

01.Running through the blood
02.Trouble maker+Absolution
03.A life in rigorism
04.Locked away
05.Controlled by fear


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