29 September 2013

NADIMAC (Ser) - Nejebanje Zive Sile , cd 2013

Wow, these guys make chaos every times they release a new album. Probably the best Crossover Thrash band from the Balkans, but I think even much wider. One thing I keep asking myself is how on earth this band is still not signed by a major label. I cannot swallow the fact that it may be because of the lack of english language, because a lot of Metal today has vocals that does not understand themselves, so I don`t see a difference.
To return to the band, again a great piece of album, and again a fantastic recording production, which was already heard on the advance track "Smrt Autoriteta". The tracks are all an up-and-down of tempos like a rollercoaster drive. Nadimac remains tight even with all those tempo changes. The lyrics are intelligent and pungent as always, and a try to write down some english possible translations in the booklet would be more than welcomed by non-serbian speaking people (a hint for the future!).
All in all, this might be the Crossover Thrash Metal release of the year. 

15 September 2013

KRAYKULLA AND THE GYPSYFUCKERS (Cro) - Ulicne Rapsodije, CD 2012

I love this stuff !!! Yes I do. Punk as it always meant to be. Raw, simple and in your face. Hymnic choruses, great riffs, and a charismatic vocalist: everything you need to love a band. Their live shows are endless fun, so if you get the chance to see them live, do not miss them for nothing in the world. Recommended!

24 August 2013

Re-Post: FULL METAL JACKET - compilation CD 1997

Now, for all those who think Croatia is not a Metal nation.. This CD is the only OFFICIAL Croatian Metal compilation ever released (I repeat, official, there is a recent one, but it is compiled as DIY so it is more unofficial), and contains part of the bands that were active then (except for B.Runner and D.Mortification, for example, there are Pula bands missing here!! Ok, it would be a triple cd, but still...), and it was made by Drinking Skull`s guitarist Marijan`s label. It is a nice try, even I still think that GDNHY should have left the place to a more Metal band, but they were probably Marijan`s friends, so.. anyway, from Drinking Skull, to the croatian COF clones Castrum to Firmament, all bands make a great compilation,  which should have been followed by a sequel..Obligatory for all the Cro-Metal lovers.

Bands featured:
Drinking Skull, Ashes You Leave, Swantears, Nezbit, Castrum, Amen, Gate, Swordsedge, Blockade Runner, GDNHY, Mental Effort, Venter Caret Auribus, Desinence Mortification, Firmament 

13 July 2013

WULFHOOK (U.S.A.) - Sacrifice, demo 2012

Now, this is a great band! Hailing from Detroit Rock City, this band mixes Speed Metal with traditional Heavy Metal, with great musicianship and an impressive lead vocalist. Surely a must !!
Thank you Wulfhook for sending me this pearl!

26 June 2013

A short note !

I receive a lot of reupload requests. they are all written in comments, and even if I might do that, I WILL NOT reupload past links in any way. That part of the blog is dead, it would be a suicide to reupload everything back, and even a double if I reupload some links and some not. So, if you are interested in some past stuff, I can reupload it as a one off reupload (just for you personally) and that is it. And I will not reupload requests made in comments. Only requests that comes to my e-mail adress. I am now focused on my other blog pularockcity.blogspot.com .

Cheers to you all. Write to leukkemiaa@gmail.com

18 May 2013

ALDUMAS (Cro) - Nadnicari, cd 2012

This comes from the ex-Hope gang, the Mikic brothers, which after a long time of old school Thrashing, they got old (hahaha) and started playing pure Slavonian Rock`n`Roll as ALDUMAS. Now, they are giving us their first full lenght CD with very nice tunes followed by a cool production. This will help you to get into the Slavonian way of life and drinking...

01 May 2013

A TRIBUTE TO DISCHARGE (Ex-Yu) - Why... again?, compilation CD 2009

As I am a long-time fan of Discharge and their 80s work (to be precise) here is a compilation of Discharge tunes played by a lot of bands from the Ex-Yu territory, all tracks played with huge balls and enormous respect to the masters. Enough said.

20 April 2013

KILLBITE (Ger) - EP 2012

These German guys sent me this little masterpiece of EP, an incredibly powerful metal recording, too Metal to be Hardcore, too Hardcore to be Metal. A great production, and an EP you will definitely like if you`re not closed into boundaries.

01 April 2013

BESTIAS (BiH) - Bestias, demo 2013

Well, here is a cool Raw Black/Thrash/Death Metal band sent to me from my friend Azer, member of the band. They come from Bosnia, Sarajevo exctly, and they exist since 2010. This is their brandnew second demo, and as a DIY band they are going to record a full lenght album as soon as possible. Meanwhile enjoy this piece of raw evilness !!

01 March 2013

AXEMAN TRIUMPH (Rus) - Demos 2008-2010

Now, here is stuff from my friends from Togliatti, Russia. This is probably the rawest metal you have ever heard (unfortunately, equally bad recorded). But I am sure there are noise lovers who will crave for this.. and it does not mean that it nust be that bad!!

11 February 2013

BONGLEY DEAD (Ita) - First demo 2012

Those guys sent me this demo, and I must admit that it contains a lot of goood good music with a very loud production. If I have to describe it, I would say it is some great Alternative Rock, with a lot of power here, so I really recommend this demo to those who wants to listen to some uplifting rocking stuff. And good news is that the guys have a lot of new stuff !! 
Bravo Italia.

09 February 2013

TESTATOR (Ser) - Testator, EP 2012

Yeah !! Serbia gave us another great old school Thrashing band. Testator are one of many (and this fact is not bad at all !!) serbian Thrash Metal bands caring for the old school output. This is their first EP, released for the Nocturne Magazine series, and given to me from the band`s dudes directly. I enjoyed, so you do too !!

03 February 2013

the LTP+SKVERNA (Rus)-In Noise We Grind, split Ep 2012

Well, I started receiving stuff from bands that want to be featured in this blog so let`s feature them one by one. This is a noisy split EP hailing from Russia, Skverna from Moscow and the LTP from Siberia. All this stuff is strictly for Noise lovers, with Skverna playing some Industrial Post-Hardcore Noise, and LTP playing only Noise, haha.. all in all, pretty stuff. And thanx to the LTP for the stuff !!


the LTP

06 January 2013

BROOKLYN MILITIA (U.S.A.) - Demo tracks 2012

Now, this is a cool band, coming from NYC, this is the new band of my friend Joe Cangelosi (ex-Whiplash, ex-Kreator). The band is playing pure aggressive Thrash Metal mixed with some Punk and Hardcore feeling, the perfect thing if you ask me. These are demo tracks layed down in the past year, but as the line-up is now stabile, expect a full blooded CD very soon !!

05 January 2013

CONTROSIGILLO (Ita) - Controsigillo, cd 2012

I received this stuff from my friend Enrico. Controsigillo is a cool modern Thrash band representing italian Metal at his best. Great strong Metal with excellent production. Recommended.


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