25 August 2011

MY DARKEST TIME (Mac) - End Of My Darkest Time, cd 2008

This is a very nice and atmosheric album by the leading Macedonian Christian Metal band. Actually, it`s a one man band, and even if it`s recorded in hard conditions and sounds a little unpolished, this is a personal story of the main man Zarko Atanasov, who turned to being christian after he got ill of cancer. His story is in the folder in a .doc document.
Enjoy and support !

01.Inner voice
04.Then we shall see...
05.In control
06.Broken life
08.Looking within for strenght
09.Life expectancy
10.In memoriam
11.When we leave this earth
12.God`s power
13.Maranatha (bonus track)

OSLOBODIOCI (Ser) - Live Ljubljana 1989

Oslobodioci from Serbia are a band I didn`t knew of until my contributor Vladimir gave me a lot of stuff from them. Well, this one is a soundboard recording of a gig in Slovenia dated 1989. The stuff they play is melodic Punk Rock, so it is very listeneable!

01.Pera Djokic je moj drug
02.Mr. Alcohol
05.Posle svega
07.Ti si ponosan na vlast
08.Bitna je lepota

NEPAL (Cro) - Freak Out, demo summer 1992

This demo was given to me by my friend Marin, once the vocalist of Nepal, today the vocalist of Effatha. This demo is something we listened to back in the 90s, and we also had a lot of opportunities to see them live too. The band recorded just this demo, it is cool stuff, Hard Rock with an alternative touch.

01.More skin
02.In need (rush)
03.My universe
04.I wanna be free now
05.Flying song
06.Pale driver
07.Not at all
08.Never let you go
09.Nowhere to go
10.Rose give me overdose
11.Round to the ground


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