02 June 2007

PUNGENT STENCH (Austria) - Extreme deformity , ep 1989

I think I don`t have to say nothing about it!The Austrian`s Death-gore-masters first EP single is extremely great,a must to have.All the stuff they did later was great,but this one beats them all with rawness.A MUST!!

01.Extreme deformity
02.Mucous secretion
03.Molecular disembowlment

TANKARD (Ger) - Live Munchen 1988

You probably laugh your lungs out on this pic,but I found this EARLY-Tankard pic on the net,and it kills..anyway,this live recording is something I ripped off a VHS tape I have,and the quality is not that bad,so here it is for all the Tankard fans.

01.Zombie attack
02.Chemical invasion
04.Maniac forces

CENOTAPH (Ita) - The lurking fear on desecrated ground , demo 1991

Well,well,here are my friends again..This is the first demo under the monicker CENOTAPH,and shows a progression in composing as well as in playing.By the way,I got the permission from Max (bass) to post all their stuff I have,so expect two more demos (one under the name of WARHEAD) and an excellent live recording dated 1993.Meanwhile,here is one of their three demos I really loved very much!Enjoy!

01.Hecatombs in heaven (intro)
02.God`s abode
04.Perpetual wars on cerebral shores

L.S.N. (USA) - Fall To The Reich , demo 1986

One less fortunate,but not less talented American Speed Thrash band of the second generation.This is an excellent demo,and it is a big shame the guys never released nothing more than this demo.Chances are that it will happen at least,because the band rejoined last year,and have plans to record some stuff until the end of this year.And,yes,it means "Loud Senseless Noise"..

01.Deadly kiss
03.Raw deal

STURDY TASTE (Austria) - Lovely Presentation , demo May 1992

This band gave me personally the cassette back in 1992.About the music;it is,as it is written on this small recension,brutal death/grind metal,recorded and played extremely good.Such a shame the band lasted just these 4 songs...

01.Lovely presentation
02.Unforgettable punishment
03.Perish now

CARCASS (UK) - Planet X , Liverpool 1989

The greatest Death Metal band EVER.This soundboard recording contains tracks from the Reek Of Putrefaction album, so it is exclusively for the extremer-Carcass fans.Or for all those who dare to try..

01.Suppuration+Oxidised razor masticator
02.Maggot colony
03.Excreted alive
04.Splattered cavities
05.Fermenting innards
07.Burnt to a crisp
08.Pungent excruciation
09.Pyosisified (Rotten to the gore)
10.Malignant defecation
11.Genital grinder+Regurgitation of giblets
12.Microwave uterogestation

THE BLEEDING (Cro) - The Answerless Maze , ep 1998

Another band from my Pula,a one I never liked too much,simply because I am not a Doom Stoner Rock fan.But this is a good one for the fans of that style,and is pretty hard-to-find.There is also my brother on the picture of the cover of the cd,even he didn`t played on this material.

01.Night sunstroke
02.The witch within you
03.Magic medicine

30 May 2007

ANGEL DEATH (Ita) - Death to christianity , demo 1987

So,now I present you a demo I got from Mauro (vocals/guitar,if I can remember) in 1987.It is kinda harsh thrash black metal,played pretty bad and sounding even worse (ok,I am kidding now).A live-demo recorded in their rehearsal room,which,besides the topic they were about,I liked pretty much.I think they turned later into a great sounding metal combo,so their progression can be compared exactly to the Sodom`s one.So if you liked early Sodom (the demo phase!),this one is what you need!

02.Angel of death
04.Bestial attack


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