02 June 2007

CARCASS (UK) - Planet X , Liverpool 1989

The greatest Death Metal band EVER.This soundboard recording contains tracks from the Reek Of Putrefaction album, so it is exclusively for the extremer-Carcass fans.Or for all those who dare to try..

01.Suppuration+Oxidised razor masticator
02.Maggot colony
03.Excreted alive
04.Splattered cavities
05.Fermenting innards
07.Burnt to a crisp
08.Pungent excruciation
09.Pyosisified (Rotten to the gore)
10.Malignant defecation
11.Genital grinder+Regurgitation of giblets
12.Microwave uterogestation

1 comment:

Agz said...

Fucking seen these every bloody week around this time here at the Planet X (Miss that venue) in the end it just became fuckin boring now there playing in front of thousands & earning enough £££ so they dont have to work again!! Fair play huh! Who would have thought they would have spawned there own genre!!! Personal feelings apart about the odd band member (The miserable cunt) you gotta give it to them.


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