02 June 2007

L.S.N. (USA) - Fall To The Reich , demo 1986

One less fortunate,but not less talented American Speed Thrash band of the second generation.This is an excellent demo,and it is a big shame the guys never released nothing more than this demo.Chances are that it will happen at least,because the band rejoined last year,and have plans to record some stuff until the end of this year.And,yes,it means "Loud Senseless Noise"..

01.Deadly kiss
03.Raw deal

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I remember the song "Deadly Kiss" from the album Metal Massacre Vol 9, when I was a teenager, I had all those vinyl records and listened with my friends after school.Those times were good times, it was nice to hear LSN 25 years later.Thanks again for your post, and greetings from Panama (Central America or Latin America). Manuel (manuelx7326@yahoo.com)


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