08 December 2012

DESCENDER (Cro) - Descending Into Chaos, cd 2012

I am continuing this blog with probably the best old school Thrash Metal band in Croatia. Descender comes from the capital town of Zagreb, and after few years of playing and rehearsing, they recorded their first proper album CD. I am witness of the long long recording and production process, but finally, the wait is worth every millisecond. I could give the highest vote for this release, but I won`t. 
You will.

13 October 2012

Signs Of Life...

First of all, thank you for the huge support shown after the end of this blog..Incredible, and sublime.

I am continuing now on a blog I already told you about, it is a blog about the scene from Pula, the city I lived the biggest part of my life, and a city with an enormous number of bands in its history since 1962 (the beginning of Rock music in Pula). On that blog, I want to collect ALL bands from the last 50 years, not an easy job at all, but surely a secure one, since I have permission for ALL the stuff you will find there. And there`s more; if I don`t own a permission for posting something, it will be marked with white letters, which means it is here just as a discography data, but not available for downloading. 

All questions you asked in posts in Audioheaven will be answered one by one, just be patient....

So from now on, I myself will be active on this link/blog:

Love you all.

11 February 2012


Ok, friends, this is it. Audio Heaven is officially shutting down. ALL THE FILES on Mediafire were deleted, and it seems that ACTA or anyone else is winning the cause. Everything I built the last 5 years is DELETED. So, all I can say is THANK YOU for being here, and for sharing the love for music.


24 January 2012

AMEN (Cro) - Repent, demo 2011

This is one of the best comebacks of the year 2011. The Christian Thrash Metal band Amen played at the beginnings of the 90s, then stopped. Amen are here again, better than ever. The stuff is mid-tempo melodic Thrash Metal, with an excellent production. They made it perfectly this time, so let`s hope for some new stuff from Amen in 2012.

02.Return of the stormrider
03.Rise of the fallen ones
04.Sign of God
07.Defenders of faith


07 January 2012

HAPPY NEW 2012 !

Ok, so this is the new year.. we`ll see what will it bring. Some says this one is our last, but all they can do is suck my ass (some heavy rhyme is goin` on, right?).. Ok, let`s talk business now. I am absent for some time, because I decided to reactivate my other blog PULAROCKCITY and so I have to checkall the links, and reupload and blah blah blah.. you know what is all about. Give me just a week more, and I will continue with some nice stuff here, all already uploaded and ready for you. Plus, I have to recheck all the links for the year 2007 (man, it is 5 years I am running this blog!!) because some of you told me about some links that have expired (because they were all on rapidshare, and I don`t have the permission to access my uploads, so fuck rapidshare, I will reupload them all on mediafire).Please, be patient.
This is it for now, enjoy your meal, your women, your soccer team, your drink, your music..


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