21 July 2010

SLAYER (U.S.A.) - Sao Paulo, Brazil, 27.08.1994.

Awright! Nothing spectacular or special here, it is Slayer, the purest, uncompromisingful band in the world.And this one is a cool soundboard recording, so here it goes your way to make your weekend fulfilled!! ENJOY, Sisters and Brothers!

01.Hell awaits
03.Mind control
05.Raining blood
06.Altar of sacrifice
07.Jesus saves
08.Captor of sin
09.Seasons in the abyss
10.Mandatory suicide
11.War ensemble
12.South of heaven
13.Angel of death

THRAW (Slo) - Promopack 2009

So, if you want some greatly played Thrash Metal from this part of the world, here is the slovenian Thraw for you. This is how a good TM demo should sound; great production, great execution, and that is it. We already had Thraw here few months ago (and all with thanx to my Slovenian contributor - to whom I apologise for losing his name...) and if you liked their previous stuff, this is the extension you needed.

01.Pandemic reflection
03.Mage`s rage
04.Obscene anatomist
05.A piece of madness

DAY WITHOUT THE SUN (Ser) - Nameless, EP 2010

Now, a good band.They are actually a project of the mainman Dushan Choco, and musically are really strong and have great melodies. If I have to say it all, on this EP the weakest point is the vocalist, which may surely be a little stronger and more stabile. But for the rest, a very nice EP yuo will enjoy for sure, if you like post-rock and/or experimental Metal.

03.Beginning is where I end

ANESTHESIA (Cro) - Iza Zida , demo 1988

Well.. I don`t know, I should say something about this demo from this Croatian band, probably the most popular band of the second wave of Thrash Metal, but mostly because of an incredible support by the national television. This time I won`t tell anything about this demo.I know, maybe it is a little unfair for you, but I am not surely the one who will say anything good about them.It is on personal level, so let it be this way. I put here this demo because of the collectors of Croatian metal, for all those who are collecting Thrash Metal from all over the world.Enough said.

04.Sad il` nikad
05.Iza zida


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