17 December 2010

ZHEL (Cro) - Northern Eye, Southern Blood, Western Bullet, Eastern God, cd 1996

Now, something for those who like something different, something to sit and listen, but so exciting to make your blood runs faster.Inspired by old masters as Nick Drake and Tom Buckley, Zhel (from Pula, of course) made this very intimate and obscure record which instantly became cult, first in our city and then much much wider. I cannot miss to say that the ballad "It`s going to get you" is one of my all times favourite, and not only for the ex-yu territory !! Recommended to persons with wider views on music.

01.Postcard to some people
02.Magnifier light
03.It`s going to get you
04.Evening shot
06.Am I right
07.I heard a fly buzz (when I died)
09.The whale song
11.Amsterdam, funeral, party, chansone

!! bonus tracks !!
12.Am I right (The liver beat, live at INK)
13.Cabarret Syd (live at INK)
14.Road (Know, live at INK)
15.The whale song (live at INK)

14 December 2010

SCAFFOLD (Ser) - The Other Side Of Reality, cd 1994

We played this summer with this band, a band that left a very strong impression on my band, I hope we will be soon able to play some gigs together in Croatia, as well as in Serbia, where they come from. What we got here is old school Death Metal, the first one which was balancing between Death and Thrash. The material is dated 1994, the band still goes strong, and released new material last year, so you will have some new stuff here very soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this one !

01.The deepness of emotions
02.It`s will happen tomorrow
03.Die aggression wird introjiziert
05.Women and love
06.The knife
07.Za nezaborav
08.In the dawn of Judgement day
09.The deepness of emotions (part 2)
10.The truth is buried
11.Memories from the past (Variola Verae)

GROUND CRASHER (Ita) - Around The Impact, cd 2010

Here are my friends from Italy, the ones my band met at the Viva La Pola festival this summer, this cd contains pure old-school Thrash Metal, and of course we get never enough of that great music, so GC will be another cd you will enjoy for sure!

03.Hate-I wanna kill
06.What can save me
07.Human lie
08.Afterlife (Mirror is a liar)

11 December 2010

DOOM MUSIC (U.S.A.) - Knee deep in the dead, game soundtrack 1995

Hah, I got you now! Well, all I can say about this awesome game is that this is the ONLY game I am still playing since my first computer experience in 1995. I played it also on PS1 and I still have it in my computer in 2010. And still playing it over and over again. This music is something that die-hard Doom lovers like me will have. And every tune will throw you back in the dungeons where you have been for hundreds of times, killing Imps, Zombies, Cacodaemons and similiar slime of the world of Doom.

01.e1m1-At DOOM`s gate
02.e1m2-The Imp`s song
03.e1m3-Dark halls
04.e1m4-Kitchen ace (and taking names)
06.e1m6-The hunt
07.e1m7-Demons on the prey
08.e1m8-Sign of evil
09.e1m9-Hiding the secrets

02 December 2010

CHAINED IN AGONY (Cro) - Mind Abortion, demo cd 2010

This cd was given to me by the guitarist of the band, three weeks ago when we played a gig together in Varazdin. CIA are a great band very loud and very strong, playing a kind of melodic Death Metal and being a good live act. The cd is brandnew so get it while it is hot !

03.Gray end
04.Obscure deception
05.Mind abortion

BOZJE OVCICE (Cro) - Tvoj sam, singletrack promo cd+dvd 2010

This is a band (translated as "Little Sheeps of God") I really love a lot. I got this great promo cd+dvd from the vocalist at the Glasnici Nade promotion in St.Nicholas Church in Varazdin, and I must tell that this promo surprised me a lot. First of all graphically is a beautiful and handful cover, and after the little disappointment of having just one song on the cd, the surprise in form of a DVD with the well done video for that song !!! So, while we wait a full release from these guys (and girl, pardon, on bass guitar!), enjoy this punky track "I am yours".

01.Tvoj sam

27 November 2010

THE BLEEDING (Cro) - The Sad Bloom , demo cassette 1994

Well, I will start now with a dozen of posts by bands with which I am personal friend, and some stuff I received directly from them. I am starting with a band that defined Doom Metal in Croatia, no one ever after made a so perfect Doom Metal material in Croatia and in the region, I may say. The band was created by Devastation`s first bassist Walter Udovicic Fritz, and played a completely Cathedral/Black Sabbath inspired Doom Metal. This is their first demo (if I am not wrong) which became very popular instantly, and with the distibution by the Belgian Shiver Records sold worldwide. The band lasted few more years, and then disappeared. This one is also by request!

01.Don`t ride the horse
02.Rising free
03.New storm

OSLOBODIOCI (Ser) - Live Cool Club 1993

Here` some more stuff from this serbian melodic Punk Rock band, I really don`t know much about them, but I got a shitload of this band stuff from my contributor Vladimir from Pula, and by the posts I already posted I noticed that you like this band, so let`s continue with their stuff. This is a soundboard recording of a live performance dated 1993. This band is Punk Rock, as I told, but they hang a very lot to the rock side of it, you can see it by the cover they play, the Jimi`s Purple Haze. Enjoy!

01.Black desert dog
03.Jesam li pogresio
04.Purple haze
05.Vise nema razloga za nas
06.Zelena limuzina

20 November 2010

EXTREME SMOKE 57 (Slo) + SEXORCIST (Hol) - Split EP 1992

Oh yeah, this is one hell of an EP, and I must say that I am the lucky owner of one copy!! The slovenian part is very Hardcore and the more controlled side of the EP, ES57 are a great band (I heard they reformed recently!!) andyou will surely enjoy their stuff. As for Sexorcist, it cannot be called as something serious, but is very listeneable, especially if you want to hear the shredding of Deep Purple`s biggest hit..All in all, a very nice EP.
PS:the sound gaps in the first two songs by ES57 are not mistakes, it is exactly as on the vinyl!

01.(Hate) Skate party
02.Heavy mental fans
04.Life is...your enemy
06.12 trax

SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA (Australia) - XX, ep 1993

Ehm.. yes, here and there we need bands like this one, who deconstruct everything on their way...This is one of their EP-s (they did hundreds of ep`s, more or less) dated 1993, and I am pretty sure you won`t need the track list.. for those who knows what 7MON are about, no wonder then.As for the others.. If you need something that will make your ears bleed, this is exactly what you need. If not, take it at your own risk :D .

01.Side A
02.Side B

10 November 2010

RAPTOR (Cro) - War At Hell, demo 2010

Yes, I know..I disappeared for a while, it became so hard to find time to run this blog, but be sure I won`t give up, no way...
Here is a new young oldschool Thrash Metal band from Osijek (actually the Croatian city with another relatively new oldschool band of young guys, Vortex). This is their first demo and what you get here is a early-Sodom-esque old school thrashing, a great recording, so watch out for further stuff from this band!

02.War at hell
03.Desecrating the chapel

01 November 2010

LASTA, Finnish compilation ep 1984

Now, we are going towards some cult stuff! I mean, Finnish 80s Hardcore is cult by itself,and this is one of the worldwide most known compilation of that insane kind of HC. You gotta love it, I am telling you. Especially the SEKUNDA (definitely my favourites) or the Markkinointioperaatio stuff. I am a true diehard fan of this kind of HC, and I am totally recommending this!!

01.TERVEET KADET - Pissaa ja paskaa
02.HIC SYSTEEMI - Sinivalkoinen lama
03.RIISTETYT - Totaalinen tuho
04.KANSAN UUTISET - Koira on parempi poliisi
05.SEKUNDA - Sotasankari
07.POIKKEUSTILA - Poliisivaltio
08.BASTARDS - Arvoisa yleiso
09.SEKUNDA - Rautaa rajalle
10.SEKUNDA - Kotiinpaluu
12.PURKAUS - Hyvinkaa

30 October 2010

G.I.S.M. (Jap) - Detestation, mini lp 1984

Ooooh, this is something special, and came from Japan a looong long time ago.. this was a pretty unusual band, hardly between Punk and Metal, with a weird vocal, but great riffings with a very metallic guitar sound sunk knee-deep into Punk.Quizzed, ha? Try it, you won`t regret!

PS: Watch this madness on this live hyperfast performance of Endless blockades !!!

01.Endless blockades for the pussyfooter
02.Death agonies and screams
03.A.b.c. weapons
04.Nih nightmare
05.Document one
06.(Tear their) syphillitic vagina`s to pieces
07.Nuclear armed hogs

17 October 2010

LORD OF DARKNESS (Cro/Sco) - Twilight in another dimension, demo 1994

Here is another old croatian metal document, from this dark band founded from the ashes of Evil Blood, after the mainman left Croatia and started living in Scotland. The sound of this rehearsal demo is poor but still very listeneable. Except for the 3 own tracks, here you will get two covers, one by Motorhead and one by Venom (the two main influences of the band).

01.Written in blood
02.In the name of religion
03.Twilight in another dimension
04.Iron fist
05.In league with Satan

09 October 2010

TRAUMA (Cro) - Zivjela Komercijala, demo 1992

Allright, this is something that some followers of this blog waited for a long time, and now a member of the band, Drazen, sent me the complete demography of the band. I am starting with the first demo from 1992. The band came from Porec, Istria, and became loved by young fans because of their very easy-listening Thrash/Punky/Heavy Metal. The first demo was the heaviest, so here it is for the collectors. Soon I will post the rest of the demos. Enjoy!

01.Stigli smo do nicega
02.Nenadmasive gluposti
03.Kosti i prasina
05.Balada o tulipanima (bonus)

DAY WITHOUT THE SUN (Ser) - a2010, cd 2010

Here is another release from this serbian band, this is their last album.The audio quality is surely perfect, and the stuff you`ll get here is what I call Modern Metal, and by this I mean a mixture of electronic, Tool-ish atmospheres and similiar sounds.Surely a nice one to get.
PS:no videos for this album, I put a video from the previous EP.

02.Sessions in the dark
03.In few words
06.Revival (feat. Igor Stamenovic)

18 September 2010

DYZ (Slo) - Wardance , cd 2007

DYZ is a one-man-band/project from Slovenia, I got from my slovenian contributor.This album is dated 2007 and it is done completely professional. The guy called this "Southern Metal" and if you ask me, I don`t know shit what SM might be, but it sounds great. Especially if you know that all this is done by just one guy (which is no wonder with today`s technology, but it depends on how professional is the work, and this one surely is!). I recommend to grab this one.

03.Devil`s kids
04.On my two feet
05.Rollin south
06.Bullshit theory
07.Untouched unbroken
09.Lone dawn
11.Lucy acoustic version
12.Attitude song

07 September 2010

RIBLJA CORBA (Ser) - Live in Split 1987

One of the most influential ex-Yu Hard Rock bands, Riblja Corba, went downhill after the split of Yugoslavia, mostly for the fascist attitude of their vocalist Bora Djordjevic. Before that they were an institution with sold out concerts all over the country. This is an excellent soundboard recording of a concert held in Split, Croatia in 1987. It clearly shows that before the madness that possessed the brain of the bands leader, it was a band loved by everyone, even if it was not an excellent top performance.This is an extraordinary document !!

02.Ljuti Rock`n`Roll
03.Krajnje je vreme za reklame
04.Tu nema boga, nema pravde
06.Neke cudne materije
07.Pada mala kisa
08.Nemoj da ides mojom ulicom
09.Ti i ja JNA
10.Neke su zene pratile vojnike
11.Jedan covek
12.Juzna Afrika 85 (Ja cu da pevam)
13.Necu da te volim
14.Ostacu slobodan
15.Propala noc
16.Da, to sam ja
17.Kako je lepo biti glup
19.Svirao je Dejvid Bovi
20.Zadnji voz za Cacak
21.Kad padne noc (Upomoc)

01 September 2010

A TRIBUTE TO DISCHARGE - Why? ... Again , Croatian compilation cd 2009

Well, well.. here is a Discharge tribute cd compilation played only and exclusively by Croatian bands !! And it sounds extremely good! Discharge is one of the most influential Punk/HC band ever, and a ton of cover compilations are recorded until now, but I am especially proud on this one. Enjoy it and play if LOUD !!

01.AK47-State violence, state control
02.FxPxOx-Drunk with power
03.FIGHT BACK-A look at tomorrow
04.8.SEKRETAR-They declare it
05.HELLDIS-Anger burning
06.BRATICI-The nightmare continues
08.ANTI TALENTS-Protest and survive
09.GRUUTHAAGY-Free speech for the dumb
10.BARAKUDA-Realities of war
11.THE TRUTH OF XXX-Does this system work
12.C.O.H.-A hell on earth-Cries of help
13.HOMO HOMINI LUPUS-The possibility of life`s destruction
14.NONSENSE-It`s no TV sketch
15.BOLESNO GRINJE-Ain`t no feeble bastard
16.NULLA OSTA-Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
17.AMOK-The possibility of life`s destruction

05 August 2010

UNLOGIC SKILL (Cro) - Demotracks 1995

This is stuff I am desperately searchin for the last few years..I am searching for the complete demo, even I have three tracks on various compilation tapes. So I decided to put them here all together, just because it is a band I loved very much in their early phase. Later they got signed for a major Croatian label, wimped out the music and started singing in Croatian, which turned me off instantly. But what I want to remember here is the chaos and incredibly wild gigs they had before they sucked. It was a bunch of great guys playing Rap-Metal (yes, that one) but with an incredible intensity (I just can`t forget the chaos on their gigs at the chorus of White Nigga, maaaan !!) . So here is this demo, to remind me and you of this great band, a proof that going Major sometimes can ruin everything in just one move. Recommended as fuck !!

PS: this post is dedicated to the loving memory of Damir Badurina-Bada, found dead few years ago. R.I.P. Bada. (in the video the guy with the red shirt on the interview)

01.Show me the way
02.Unlogic skill
03.White nigga

31 July 2010

KEVLAR BIKINI (Cro) - Damn Rocknrollaz they Shook My Booty... Again, demo 2010


Yeah, that is it that is what you are gonna listen to this summer, and if you`re lucky enough, bang your head to this autumn !! This is, as they call themselves - the new Croatian Metal `n` Roll sensation. And they are not that far from this definition. I am damn sure you`re gonna like this one; a great production (I followed here and there the production process through the vocalists Facebook profile) and great unique tracks! The ideal combination for this great band. Get it, fuckers!

PS: from their bio : Songs feature anger, love, joy, machines and Liv Tyler. And one song has the word butt in there.

01.Boomerang granades
02.Go slaves!
03.Kiss it like it`s skinny Liv Tyler
04.Suped up machine
05.Supersized butt cake

30 July 2010

METRO (Ser) - Cupave Glave, lp 1983

Hard Rock, man. Balkanian Hard Rock. If you heard Griva, Divlje Jagode and similiar bands, this is something in that way. I have to thank Roihlem for this lost record, I didn`t ever heard of it back in time, and even is a 56 kbps vinyl rip, I must tell that it is pretty fair. For Hard Rock lovers.

01.U krizi sam
02.Ustani i pevaj
03.Probudi se generacijo
04.Kad udjes u svet paklenih andjela
05.Veruj mi
06.Cupave glave
08.Drustvo za provod

NEVERFALL (Slo) - EP 2007

From Slovenia we got some more modern power thrashing, Neverfall are a band I received from my contributor from Slovenia (forgot the name, sorry :( ) and I must tell that even if it is a small country, there is a pretty rich and healthy Metal scene there.This stuff here is certainly worth your attention, perfectly played and produced, a demo that you must have in your collection.

01.Digout the past
02.Love evolves
03.Cry alone
04.Eyes of destiny

21 July 2010

SLAYER (U.S.A.) - Sao Paulo, Brazil, 27.08.1994.

Awright! Nothing spectacular or special here, it is Slayer, the purest, uncompromisingful band in the world.And this one is a cool soundboard recording, so here it goes your way to make your weekend fulfilled!! ENJOY, Sisters and Brothers!

01.Hell awaits
03.Mind control
05.Raining blood
06.Altar of sacrifice
07.Jesus saves
08.Captor of sin
09.Seasons in the abyss
10.Mandatory suicide
11.War ensemble
12.South of heaven
13.Angel of death

THRAW (Slo) - Promopack 2009

So, if you want some greatly played Thrash Metal from this part of the world, here is the slovenian Thraw for you. This is how a good TM demo should sound; great production, great execution, and that is it. We already had Thraw here few months ago (and all with thanx to my Slovenian contributor - to whom I apologise for losing his name...) and if you liked their previous stuff, this is the extension you needed.

01.Pandemic reflection
03.Mage`s rage
04.Obscene anatomist
05.A piece of madness

DAY WITHOUT THE SUN (Ser) - Nameless, EP 2010

Now, a good band.They are actually a project of the mainman Dushan Choco, and musically are really strong and have great melodies. If I have to say it all, on this EP the weakest point is the vocalist, which may surely be a little stronger and more stabile. But for the rest, a very nice EP yuo will enjoy for sure, if you like post-rock and/or experimental Metal.

03.Beginning is where I end

ANESTHESIA (Cro) - Iza Zida , demo 1988

Well.. I don`t know, I should say something about this demo from this Croatian band, probably the most popular band of the second wave of Thrash Metal, but mostly because of an incredible support by the national television. This time I won`t tell anything about this demo.I know, maybe it is a little unfair for you, but I am not surely the one who will say anything good about them.It is on personal level, so let it be this way. I put here this demo because of the collectors of Croatian metal, for all those who are collecting Thrash Metal from all over the world.Enough said.

04.Sad il` nikad
05.Iza zida

09 July 2010

POP START (ex-Yu) - compilation album 1975

Unfortunately, for the moment there is no pic of the cover, I have the vinyl and I have to find some time to make a pic of it.Meanwhile, here is a great ex-yugoslavian Rock-bands compilation, and this is a really, REALLY nice one.It goes from the Korni Grupa (featuring Zlatko Pejakovic!) , through my favourites Indexi, the masters Smak, then the pre-Bijelo Dugme band VIS Jutro (!!), Yu Grupa and the psychedelic Pop Masina. A really good compilation, and one of the rare featuring all bads that have their names engraved in gold in the history of Yugoslav Rock music. Enjoy this one!




01.Devojcice mala
02.Ako jednom budes sama
03.Jutro ce promijeniti sve
04.Biska 13
05.Biska 16
06.Kad bi bio bijelo dugme
09.Put ka suncu
10.Sjaj u ocima

KAZJUROL (Swe) - A Lesson In Love , demo 1988

Woow, here is a long gone and forgotten tape I found in a drawer, this is dated 1988, from my tape trading days, and this is a great one. Kazjurol were a swedish band succesfully balancing between Hardcore and Thrash Metal, actually joining them in 5 great tracks featured on this demo. This is something I must share with you, because it is soooo fucking great! Notice the parody of the famous Exodus track in the title! Awesome!

01.The power of expression
02.Multi-dead world
03.Merciless insanity
04.Echoes from the past
05.Honesty-the right excuse

NIHIL QUEST (Pol) - 0.9 , EP 2009

Here`s more stuff I got directly from the band, and that makes me so happy, because there won`t be anything wrong with putting stuff from bands who gave their permission.
This is a nice band coming from Poland and playing some great and modern mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and sounding really powerful, this is an EP I recommend you for your car music!

01.(Also sprach) Franky
02.Holy nailhead
03.Chemical savior

03 July 2010

RIBLJA CORBA (Ser) - Hala Pionir, Beograd 08.12.1985.

I found this recording somewhere on the net, and in this rar file you will find also the VIDEOS for both songs. Riblja Corba sucks shit lately (IMHO), but back until the 90s they were probably the biggest band in Yugoslavia (with Bijelo Dugme) and this stuff is from 1985, so from their mark II line-up and their second best part of their whole carreer (the mark I line-up is simply too good to be comparised with anything they did after). Enjoy history.

01.Prica o Ziki Zivcu
02.Pogledaj dom svoj andjele

19 June 2010

PUNGENT STENCH (Austria) - Live Arena Vienna 09.12.1988

And here`s a very nice bootleg from the Austrian Death Metal masters, a soundboard recording of Pungent Stench from their best period, the pre-For God Your Soul period. The tracks are all timeless classics, and the last two songs are from a different show, an audio recording, but all worth having! Enjoy!

02.Extreme deformity
03.In the vault
04.Mucous secretion
05.Festered offals
07.Pulsating protoplasma
08.Rip you without care
09.For god your soul, for me your flesh
10.Dead body love
11.In the vault (live Helhstadt 18.03.1989)
12.Mucous secretion (live Helhstadt 18.03.1989)


22 May 2010

RAPID FORCE (Ser) - Hero, EP 2001

And here`s another band from Serbia, very nice Thrash Metal, with a very good production
and excellently played.This is their EP from 2001, and you know that we already have their stuff back here, so they should not be new to usual visitors of this blog. Enjoy pure Metal.

02.Who wept for them


10 April 2010

CRAMPS (U.S.A.) - Off the bone, lp 1987

I love this band! Oh yeah, I love them a lot. And this is a nice compilation LP I bought a long time ago, and I found the "improved cover" version, with the 3D cover design (I put that version here, so if you have the 3D goggles put them on and see how it looks).As for the music, this is the record I fell in love to this band.The songs are great, this is a true "best of" album, and if you ever wanted anything by The Cramps, then this is not a warm, this is a very hot recommendation!

01.Human fly
02.The way I walk
04.Surfin` bird
05.Lonesome town
06.Garbage man
08.Drug train
09.Love me
10.I can`t hardly stand it
11.Goo goo muck
12.She said
13.The crusher
14.Save it
15.New kind of kick


28 March 2010

HAZE (Cro) - Nation of halussy , cassette 1994

To continue with the bands from Pula, here is one band of brief existence, and in their brief existence they released a cassette for the label Bonaca, KUD Idijoti`s boss Sale Veruda`s label.
This band is made by musicians from known underground bands (Pneumonia, FMD, Hatross) and they play this Stoner Rock/Grunge material, which is actually excellent even if the recording is a little bit lower quality (not that low anyway).Worth having it!And endless thanx to Florijan for this one!

01.The trip
02.Our helpless God
04.The tribe
05.Paper drug on
06.Two young suns in the springtime and their effects
08.Ticket to allnight heaven


28 February 2010

DEVASTATION (Cro) - Devastation complete 1987-1989 , cd 2010

Now, it is time to offer my life`s work.This is the Devastation cd that is released by Area Death Production label from Beijing, and thanx to mr.Wang Xiao and his crew, the material by my band saw the light of day. This cd contains both demos from 1987 and 1989, plus a live track from the first bands headlining gig, and two (three) rehearsal tracks.The whole cd is packed into a perfectly designed booklet and cover, and with it you get an extra sheet with lyrics in chinese.
The cd can be ordered through many distributions around the planet, and from the e-mail devastationcro@gmail.com, and also from the labels website http://www.xmusick.com .
Should I say recommended?! ;) And should I say "Buy the cd?" :D

01.Intro-The upcoming mayhem
03.Atomic war
04.United forces (S.O.D. cover)
05.Under the scalpel blade
06.Mosh hard (instrumental)
07.Slaughterers from hell
08.Atomic war (live Pula 26.06.1987.)
09.Slaughterers from hell (rehearsal May 1987)
10.Queen of death+Atomic war (rehearsal May 1988)
13.The possibility of life`s destruction (Discharge cover)
14.Under the scalpel blade
15.Napalm fields
16.Bigmouths suck
17.Dead zombie
18.Slaughterer from hell
19.Queen of death (Gordi cover)
20.World in a grave
21.Outro-Funeral march


27 February 2010

S.L.O.D. (Slo) - Demo 1986

This is another band sent to me by Rohleim, it is a Slovenian band and one of the first bands in the Balkans (with Evil Blood, Devastation and Heller) to play Thrash Metal.Actually, this band is more into Death Metal (and it means way before it exploded!!) than into Thrash.This is more or less a fair recording, and an extremely important document of the Balkan Thrash scene of that period.

02.Horror tale
03.Malicious death
04.Planet on the point of death
05.Sick transit gloria mundi
06.No more lies
07.Die like a beast
08.Ne lazi mi zvezda

S.L.O.D. - DEMO 1986

21 February 2010

KURO (Jpn) - Discography 1983-1986 , cd 2003

Allright, let`s go with some good old Punk-HC music, this is a relatively unknown band following the steps of Exploited, GBH and some Discharge, so you have a picture of how can it sound.This is the collection of recordings from these Japanese Punx, enjoy!

01.Public circle
04.Human gas
06.Who the helpless
07.Selfish cow
09.No more no
10.Hey hey hey
11.Midnight baby
13.Lightning break
14.Furniture fire
15.Dead heat 10000v
16.No side

KURO - DISCOGRAPHY 1983-1986 , CD 2003

07 February 2010

KUD IDIJOTI (Cro) - Demo 1 1984

A band that after 30 years still rocks off your butt without a problem deserves to be here.When you add to it the fact that they are from Pula, and that they are probably the best Punk Rock band in/from the Balkans, it would be a crime not to put their opus here. We already had a lot of stuff from them, let`s add more. This is their first 1984 demo (they had 2 demos that year, the second will follow soon!), the sound is fair, and the interesting fact is the track no.2, which is non existing(!).There is the title, even a split title, but you will not find this second track anywhere..strange.However, the rest of the demo is very listeneable, pure old-school Punk Rock!

01.Io sono dittatore
(02.Volim kada sunce sja-Kad sunce opet zadje pt.1)
03.Mi krademo pt.1
05.Mina mina
07.O bella ciao
08.Tko zna pt.1
09.Sexa bojler no
10.Onako s boka


31 January 2010

JOHN McCARTHY 27.01.2009.-27.01.2010

It passed a year..I miss you my friend. Rest In Peace.


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