11 December 2010

DOOM MUSIC (U.S.A.) - Knee deep in the dead, game soundtrack 1995

Hah, I got you now! Well, all I can say about this awesome game is that this is the ONLY game I am still playing since my first computer experience in 1995. I played it also on PS1 and I still have it in my computer in 2010. And still playing it over and over again. This music is something that die-hard Doom lovers like me will have. And every tune will throw you back in the dungeons where you have been for hundreds of times, killing Imps, Zombies, Cacodaemons and similiar slime of the world of Doom.

01.e1m1-At DOOM`s gate
02.e1m2-The Imp`s song
03.e1m3-Dark halls
04.e1m4-Kitchen ace (and taking names)
06.e1m6-The hunt
07.e1m7-Demons on the prey
08.e1m8-Sign of evil
09.e1m9-Hiding the secrets

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