08 July 2007

REUPLOAD!!! RAW POWER (Ita) - Screams from the gutter , lp 1984

This is a reupload,I am sorry and I apologise to all who uploaded the previous version,which missed 7 tracks,so here it is,the full version.
The previous version included this comment;
Maaaaaan..Hardcore Thrash,at his best!!And plus,coming from Italy!This album is a speedbomb,Raw Power were known as a fast HC band,and this album has an incredible Metal influence plus a perfect production..I am glad for those who never heard about Raw Power,I bet they will be surprised!!Positively,of course.

01.State oppression
02.Joe`s the best
04.A certain kind of killer
06.My boss
07.No card
09.Start a fight
10.Don`t let me see
12.Raw power
13.Our oppression
14.We`re all gonna die
15.Police police


OSMI PUTNIK (Cro) - Ulicna Molitva , lp 1986

This upload was in a way a request,now that the person found this album on another site,I am putting it here because of you others,who are interested in Yugoslavian Heavy Metal,before Yugoslavia ceased to exist in the shape that it was until the war.This band was from Split,Croatia (actually,they still are,reformed recently in a different line-up),and was very popular in the mid 80s.Heavy Rock,with lyrics by Gibonni,an author that very soon after leaving Osmi Putnik became the most succesful mainstream-pop author and songwriter,with solo albums that sold a very lot.But this is Osmi Putnik`s first lp.

01.Lutko moja,takav sam ti ja
02.Ulicna molitva
04.Otmi me od sna
05.Ne mogu sam
06.Bolja vremena
07.Labude,reci mi
08.Kasno je za sve
10.Maleficium taciturnitatis

FALLOUT (USA) - Rock Hard , single 1981

Yeeeeahh!!!You are about to hear what Peter Steele did before Carnivore,Type O Negative and Playgirl!That`s right,this is the band in which not only Peter,but also Josh Silver (keyboards) and Louie Beateaux (drums),joined by John Campos (guitar) started their carreer as we know it.I don`t know how to describe this one,I tought I should write NWOBHM,but as are not British,let`s call it Heavy Metal.I really love the atmosphere and the music in these two tracks,especially track 2,really greatly enriched by Josh`s keyboards.If you are a Carnivore or T.O.N. fan,then you should take it at once,if not,I think you should try it at least,it is really worth.

01.Rock hard

02.Batteries not included

FALLOUT - ROCK HARD , single 1981

ANTI OTPAD (Cro) - Bozicnjak,Korzo,Pula,25.12.1992.

I don`t know what picture to put for this recording,as I don`t have not even one Anti Otpad picture,I used Jule for the previous post,what now?So I used a picture of the band Talenti,where the Anti Otpad vocalist Beli sang ONE gig,but about it next time.Now about this one.I remember,it was freezing outside,Christmas eve,and it was a show played on the main square in Pula,an open air festival of demo bands.I mean OPEN AIR IN DECEMBER!!!And I remember that Jule was in shorts and T-shirt (!!) and beli had a devil red costume.Well,anyway,this one was one of the most memorable Anti Otpad show visually,as musically they played only covers of Hali Gali Halid and Satan Panonski.I recommend this one for the Anti Otpad die-hard fans.

01.Monstrum (Moje srce zna)
02.Caj od maka

BEASTIAL AGGRESSION (Cro) - Awakening The Beast , demo 2007

Well,I am very glad I have been given the permission to upload this demo,this is this year`s demo of the new Croatian defenders of the old-school Thrash Metal.If you are a fan of old-school,then this one will satisfy you 100%.I am not into comparing bands to other bands,so you have to trust me at once.This is definitely worth to Thrash yourself like in the old days...

01.Kept under control
02.Demons of the past
03.Fallen society
04.Legions of the damned
05.Holy drug of kings
06.Victory in war

HLADNO PIVO (Cro) - Desetka , cd 1997

A Croatian megapopular Punk band,who became,just in few years,a total mainstream,with songs that I don`t have even the patience to listen.But this one was really great!The Mile`s (vocal) songwriting is extremely brilliant,and for my opinion they reached the top in both production and musicianship on this one,as they mellowed out on the further recordings.This was their third album,the first two were also strictly Punk/Hardcore,but on this one I think they found the perfect balance between what they did and what they do now.Just let me point out that this was voted as best alternative album in Croatia in 1997,by both critics and audience!And a trivia fact for the extremists;on this album the bass guitar was played by Hadzo from the cult Grindcore band Patareni.

01.Nema vise
02.Tema je zena
03.Sex bez kondoma i zvijezda iz Hong Konga
04.Ne volim te
06.Grcenje ispred pojacala
10.Blagdanska pjesma
11.U sobi on i brat


GORDI (Ser) - Kraljica Smrti , lp 1982

Ok,now,without looking too much at the ultraposeurish picture,this album is probably the best Heavy Metal release Yugoslavia gave in the early 80s.Released in 1982,this album gave us a glimpse of what Heavy Metal should sound with two bass drums!!Without kidding;this album was,at the time,the extremest release in Yugoslavia.Gordi reached their top of the "HM" part of their carreer with this album,after which they disappeared forever.I am so thankful to them,because they made probably the best track in Yugoslav classic metal ever,the title track Kraljica Smrti (Queen Of Death),which,of course,my band Devastation covered on the second demo.A classic (I mean,their album,not our cover!!)!
PS;this is a vinyl rip I found on the net!
Trivia;Slobodan Svrdlan (bass guitar) ,after finishing with Gordi,formed in Canada (!) a new band WARRIORS.

04.Ostani daleko
05.Kraljica smrti
06.Ubica u bekstvu
07.Druga strana sveta
08.Dok si mlad
10.Samo jos jedan broj


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