08 July 2007

FALLOUT (USA) - Rock Hard , single 1981

Yeeeeahh!!!You are about to hear what Peter Steele did before Carnivore,Type O Negative and Playgirl!That`s right,this is the band in which not only Peter,but also Josh Silver (keyboards) and Louie Beateaux (drums),joined by John Campos (guitar) started their carreer as we know it.I don`t know how to describe this one,I tought I should write NWOBHM,but as are not British,let`s call it Heavy Metal.I really love the atmosphere and the music in these two tracks,especially track 2,really greatly enriched by Josh`s keyboards.If you are a Carnivore or T.O.N. fan,then you should take it at once,if not,I think you should try it at least,it is really worth.

01.Rock hard

02.Batteries not included

FALLOUT - ROCK HARD , single 1981

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

fallout was a great band they played at our block party yes atrue story great bunch of guys i would have love to see john take the ride with pete and josh


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