08 July 2007

ANTI OTPAD (Cro) - Bozicnjak,Korzo,Pula,25.12.1992.

I don`t know what picture to put for this recording,as I don`t have not even one Anti Otpad picture,I used Jule for the previous post,what now?So I used a picture of the band Talenti,where the Anti Otpad vocalist Beli sang ONE gig,but about it next time.Now about this one.I remember,it was freezing outside,Christmas eve,and it was a show played on the main square in Pula,an open air festival of demo bands.I mean OPEN AIR IN DECEMBER!!!And I remember that Jule was in shorts and T-shirt (!!) and beli had a devil red costume.Well,anyway,this one was one of the most memorable Anti Otpad show visually,as musically they played only covers of Hali Gali Halid and Satan Panonski.I recommend this one for the Anti Otpad die-hard fans.

01.Monstrum (Moje srce zna)
02.Caj od maka

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