08 July 2007

GORDI (Ser) - Kraljica Smrti , lp 1982

Ok,now,without looking too much at the ultraposeurish picture,this album is probably the best Heavy Metal release Yugoslavia gave in the early 80s.Released in 1982,this album gave us a glimpse of what Heavy Metal should sound with two bass drums!!Without kidding;this album was,at the time,the extremest release in Yugoslavia.Gordi reached their top of the "HM" part of their carreer with this album,after which they disappeared forever.I am so thankful to them,because they made probably the best track in Yugoslav classic metal ever,the title track Kraljica Smrti (Queen Of Death),which,of course,my band Devastation covered on the second demo.A classic (I mean,their album,not our cover!!)!
PS;this is a vinyl rip I found on the net!
Trivia;Slobodan Svrdlan (bass guitar) ,after finishing with Gordi,formed in Canada (!) a new band WARRIORS.

04.Ostani daleko
05.Kraljica smrti
06.Ubica u bekstvu
07.Druga strana sveta
08.Dok si mlad
10.Samo jos jedan broj


Anonymous said...

Nah man, Hatross version is heaps better...Queen of Death

Anonymous said...

I menat, Hatross live and Devastation studio :) MET'L

Alexcro said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this. You made my day. I was searching all over the Internet for this record. Man, I was 12 this came out and it was my fave LP...

Alexcro said...

It was my favourite record too,and I was just a year older than you (ehm..I still am,hahaha).It`s my pleasure,man!

micksguitar said...

alexcro what a great blog.i can't thank you enough for the great metal music.rock on!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No better Heavy Metal band in ex-Yugoslavia than Pomaranca (Orange)!!! Check the albums Peklenska Pomaranca (1981) & Madbringer(Orange, 1983), they BLOW GORDI & ALL THE OTHERS TO PIECES!!!!


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