08 July 2007

OSMI PUTNIK (Cro) - Ulicna Molitva , lp 1986

This upload was in a way a request,now that the person found this album on another site,I am putting it here because of you others,who are interested in Yugoslavian Heavy Metal,before Yugoslavia ceased to exist in the shape that it was until the war.This band was from Split,Croatia (actually,they still are,reformed recently in a different line-up),and was very popular in the mid 80s.Heavy Rock,with lyrics by Gibonni,an author that very soon after leaving Osmi Putnik became the most succesful mainstream-pop author and songwriter,with solo albums that sold a very lot.But this is Osmi Putnik`s first lp.

01.Lutko moja,takav sam ti ja
02.Ulicna molitva
04.Otmi me od sna
05.Ne mogu sam
06.Bolja vremena
07.Labude,reci mi
08.Kasno je za sve
10.Maleficium taciturnitatis


micksguitar said...

excellent lp.as always thank you.

Ivan said...

Zahvaljujem na ovom, trazio sam ga bog zna koliko vremena


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