15 June 2007

SARLO AKROBATA (Ser) - Bistriji ili tuplji covek biva kad.. , lp 1981.

A phenomenal,unique in the world,noisy Punk-New Wave-Hardcore-fukin-something band.If you count that this record came out in 1981,it must be admitted that this thing was way way way before time!!They were disturbing as hell,noisy as hell,and for my opinion one of the best bands Yugoslavia ever had.This particular album was voted both BEST and WORST album by the Dzuboks magazine readers poll for the year 1981!!!The band splitted soon after for extreme musical differences,but we can be lucky that they left an album like this!!Koja (bass) formed the second best Yugoslav band ever,Disciplina Kicme,Milan formed Katarina II (later Ekatarina Velika),and VD became a studio musician and went on studying percussions.VD died in 1992,and Milan died in 1994.Koja still kills with his bass in Disciplina Kicme (and will probably kill me if he see this upload)..
PS;The original LP lasts until track 13.Tracks 14-17 are from the compilation PAKET ARANZMAN from 1980.

01.Sarlo je nezan
02.Pazite na decu 1
04.Sad se jasno vidi
05.Rano izjutra
06.Ljubavna prica
07.Samo ponekad
12.Ja zelim jako
13.Pazite na decu 2
14.Oko moje glave
15.Mali covek
16.Niko kao ja
17.Ona se budi


EXODUS (US) - Studio 54 , New York , 03.04.1985.

I am very happy that I can upload for you this beautiful Exodus show from 1985,an excellent soundboard recording,featuring the band at their best.4 tracks of the live material here are featured on the Ultimate Revenge video compilation with Slayer and Venom.All tracks are from one of the best Speed/Thrash Metal album ever,you know what album I am talking about..and if you don`t,learn something about Metal very fast,because you`re missing the best of it.Highly recommended.

This upload is dedicated to the loving memory of
PAUL BALOFF (25.4.1960.-02.2.2002.) R.I.P

02.Deliver Us To Evil
03.A Lesson In Violence
04.And Then There Were None
05.Metal Command
07.Strike Of The Beast

ANTI-OTPAD (Cro) - Rehearsal 1990

As I have no pics of A-O from that phase,I put here Jule`s pic (guitarist and founder of A-O,one of the most important person of Pula`s played HC,and now guitarist of Bolesno Grinje).He and Gorki (the drummer) made the stabile part of Anti-Otpad,of which I was a big fan,and I mean of the first line-up.When Beli passed from bass to vocals , A-O fell a thousand steps down for me, playing a kind of psychedelic Hardcore.But,lucky me,when Beli passed to The Spoons,A-O started again as a three piece with Jule on vocals,and here they were making excellent Hardcore again.Here is one of their early rehearsals,the guitar is slightly untuned,but this was Hardcore that I meant they should play.On the vocals is ehmm..I forgot his name..Yeah,Niksa.This is a weaker quality recording (not of the baddest but still..),but I hope you`ll enjoy it anyway.
PS;The last track is from another rehearsal,but it was at the end of the tape,and recorded not so distant from the others.

01.No name no words
04.Norman is a whore
05.In my hand
06.Catholic church
07.Die of frustration
09.Forza per resistere (incomplete)
11.Saturday year
12.Fuck Yu system
13.Zivot je sranje
14.Gorki je div (wait for death)
15.Nuclear war
17.I hate people

SACRIFICE (Can) - Demo 2 , 1986

In my opinion,the most underrated Metal band of all the times!These guys from Canada knew how to Thrash,their second album Forward To Termination was a real surprise,a great album that I can only compare with Reign In Blood of you-know-who.This one is the demo for the album,I will surely put the whole album here later,but here is a taste of it here!

01.Forward To Termination
04.Forever Enslaved

BACKWATER (Ger) - Revelation , lp 1984

I adore this album!! I still adore this album VERY MUCH! It is not anything revolutionary; it is BACKWATER!! A band that showed me that Thrash can be really good even if played without a desperate perfection. I always tought that they played this album totally drunk (I am kidding, right?). But, I really love their sound! And just look at the song titles; in some cases, surely not the usual Thrash-Speed topics. I won`t tell you that it is a must; for me it`s an all time classic, a record I won`t sell or trade for anything! You will have to find it out yourself. But believe me, old school lovers will love it as much as I do!
PS; The bass-guitar sound totally kills!!!

01.Dirty pigs
02.Too much alcohol
03.Bad choice
04.The black knight and the holy sword
05.The creed
06.Hell cat
07.Shut up and love
09.Rock hard

13 June 2007

LEUKKEMIAA (Cro) - The Worst Of The Worstest , cd 2006

Now, finally. The LEUKKEMIAA`s cd is finally here. 99 tracks of "even-we-don`t-know-what" pleasure. It took us more time to write the track list than to record the material here. It contains the very first rehearsal/show in Pula, on the 29th November 1990, the 13 YEARS OF NAUSEA project, the AMONIAC project, plus a soundboard recording of a show from 1994. There is also a bonus cd with 3 live shows, but I will post it another time. The core of this issue is here. May God save your souls...
Oh, right; the track list is inside as a .doc file, because..well, you try to write 99 songs and the rest..

MESSERSCHMITT (Cro) - demo 1988

I`ve found on a tape that Miro (guitar,vox) recorded me 19 yrs ago these two tracks,I remember that it was actually their first demo.I am not sure if it is complete,I think that maybe there might be at least one more track as part of it,but well,I give you these two!

01.Have a little faith in me
02.I don`t like this games

STARDREK (Cro) - Iho de puta , track 2003

I uploaded this track here,just because it sounded like fun.This was a project where my brother was involved,as far as I know,they recorded only this track and had even few gigs,but nothing more.It is in the Brujeria-vein,not that extreme,but very alike.
And DREK in Istria means SHIT:-)

SVART FRAMTID (Nor) - EP 1984 , ep 1984

Wow,this EP is great,and I am lucky to have this vinyl!!As the title says,it is from 1984 and it is a good HC piece of work.Religios Terror and Disiplin were cult tracks in Pula back in the beginning of the 90s.Hardcore Punk lovers,this is for you!

01.Religios terror
04.Nar bomba kommer
06.De tror det blir bedre

ZHEL (Cro) - Believe in Beijing , demo 1997

This is a track I really loved, I was given this unedited single-vinyl by Zeljko (ZHEL). This is a beautiful song, I am sure Zhel won`t have nothing against if I put this track here. Zhel made some more interesting albums, which will be posted here in the future.Enjoy this one.

01.Believe in Beijing

ZABLJA PERSPEKTIVA (Cro) - demo 1984

This is another band (from Pula!!) I don`t have nothing about,except for a pic of their guitarist Tone and this recording,a demo tape with two tracks of pure hard rock (well,the second is a Hard Rock ballad).I sang in a latter reincarnation of this band,it was my first band ever.The interesting thing is that almost half of the band is dead today,one of the guitarists (not the one on the pic!!) died of liver failure,and the vocalist jumped from the 10th floor of a skyscraper..anyway...Enjoy life,people,and try those two tracks.You are gonna like `em,I`m sure.

01.Novi dan
02.Vrati se

Comrade Tito`s death announcement on Radio Belgrade , 04. May 1980.

The moment that brought to an end of a beautiful story.The end of a beautiful country.One of the saddest moments of my life.

Comrade Tito`s death announcement on Radio Belgrade , 04. May 1980.

TERVEET KADET (Fin) - Aareton joulu , ep 1982

Hardcore perfection!That is how I call this EP.In my opinion,this is EXACTLY how my ideal HC band sounds,plays,composes,etc.I won`t say much about it,except THIS ONE IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!!

01.T. Tuho
02.Pissaa Ja Paskaa
03.Onnellisia Kytkentoja
04.Musta Jumala
05.Outo Maa
07.Tornion Kevat

EXTREME SMOKE 57 (Slo) - demo 1992/EP 1993

I am quite sure that many of you have this recording,and most probably of even better quality.Not that this one is bad,but..Well,I uploaded already a recording by this band,but under the name of D.T.W.,so you may know what is it all about.This demo was later issued on an EP,and what you see is the cover of it.

02.Life of dreams
03.My pain
05.In chains
06.Why we live?
07.The krull
08.A to S theme

10 June 2007

IMPERIUM (Cro) - Imperium , demo 2004

This is a band from the city I live in,I even saw them once live on stage,yet I don`t know much about them.One thing is fucking sure;they are really talented,so for all those who like metal the way they play it,this is a very nice piece of work.

02.Dream architect
03.Falcon`s eye
04.Reach the stars
05.Creator`s dominion

LEUKKEMIAA (Cro) - soundcheck Pula , 24. December 1995.

Ehm..this is the soundcheck by LKAA, a soundboard recording, it came out so good that I have to put it here. Maybe someone will be interested.. An interesting fact is that the Kannabis Kukkakappoihin cover you hear here is the first time we played it E V E R!! Not that is a Dream Theater hypercomplicated track, but.. Go on, call us talents..

PS; again, the date wasn`t 25th Dec, but 24th Dec (Christmas Eve)..

01.Kannabis kukkakappoihin (Kansan Uutiset cover)
02.Hajde da ludujemo (Tajci cover) (cut)

LEUKKEMIAA (Cro) - Powerfest 1993 , Pula , 01. May 1993

There you go;you asked for Leukkemiaa,here it is.This is a VHS audio rip of the second ever show (the first was on our first rehearsal,in front of 8 persons!),but this one was from the Powerfest,where we played UNPLANNED as a musical intermezzo among dead-serious Metal bands.This was a blast of a show,I could write about it for hours,but I won`t.I can only say that all you hear here is played FOR THE FIRST TIME,WITHOUT ANY REHEARSE!!Enjoy this one (if you can)!

01.Pise rec (live announcement)
02.Komm nach Pullaa (intro)+Controlled by fear (Fear Of God cover)
03.Mi smo najgori
04.Harmonija (U.B.R. cover)
05.Everb (Wehrmacht cover)
06.E (Wehrmacht cover)
07.Micro E (Wehrmacht cover)
08.You suffer (not a Wehrmacht cover)(Napalm Death cover)
09.Mega nuclear armageddon
10.No harmony no sense (B.O.L. cover)
11.U.B.H. (Uljanik burn in hell)
12. 3.svjetski rat
13. 4 svjetski rat
14.Quattro mura
15.Clap your hands
16.Fuck off svima a najvise njima
17.In the army now
18.Don`t drink water,fish fuck in it
19.Hajde da ludujemo (Tajci cover)

ROK MASINA (Ser) - Izrod na granici , mlp 1983

I ripped this mini-lp from an old cassette into mp3,so the sound is fair enough,even it is not of the perfect.Anyway,this is a very nice mini-lp by this Serbian Hard Rock band,formerly known as Pop Masina (playing psychedelic rock) and this is their turn into an obscure band into a Hard Rock attraction.They haven`t existed for long,but I remember that I actually liked this one,so I am posting it now.I know that this will satisfy only old Hard Rock freaks,but for all those who are searching for a piece of Metal history from the ex-Yugoslavia,this is a good one to start with.

PS;Check especially the live track,true Metal!

02.Bilo mi je bolje (live)
03.Promasen san
05.Nulti cas

SOLID GROUND (Hol) - One , demo July 1993

The demo of this Dutch band was one of the rare demos that struck me at once,great production,very good music here and a band that,as far as I know,never did anything else.And even now,searching through internet,I can`t find anything about them.So,anyone who likes stoner metal close to rock,this one is a perfect demo,believe me.

04.Dreams and nightmares

HATROSS (Cro) - Pauk , Zagreb , 22. January 1993

This one is probably my favourite Hatross live recording;made in Zagreb,at the Histeria Party at the Pauk hall,the 22. January 1993.At the mixing desk we had Vedran Bozic,a Croatian rock legend (he played even with J.Hendrix,got it?) which made for us the strongest sound we ever had.Even with hard problems with the guitars,the amps,cables and effects,and without completing the lyrics for Sickman,we played one of the most explosive show in our carreer.The crowd were fucking crazy,I gave myself emotionally so much in that show that as I got off the stage,I got a very high fever.Anyway,I was very honoured when I went to the mixing desk to take the cassette with the recording,mr.Bozic shook my hand and said "It was incredible!Congratulation!"..what more can you ask from life?Those little things make life beautiful..Enjoy this one,I dedicate this one to all of you.

03.A look at tomorrow
04.Napalm fields
05.Self destruction
06.Intro+Bigmouths sucks+Queen of death

SEXTON (Cro) - Fade out , cassette 1992

Another fine product from the Pula Thrash/Death scene.Sexton was a band that existed five-six years from the beginning of the nineties,until they drowned into some sleazy metal shit.This is Sexton`s official album-cassette released in 1992 by Bonaca Records (an independent record label ran by KUD Idijoti),it is a great downtuned oldschool Death Metal.Such a shame the band went downhill after few years..

02.Behind the bars
03.The cold war
04.In the fog
05.My flesh divine
06.Darkened windows
07.Mirror of reality

PNEUMONIA (Cro) - rehearsal 1988

This is a cool Hardcore band from Pula,a band that didn`t made much,but had his great moments.One of those great moment is this rehearsal,very raw hardcore,recorded from a very,VERY old tape,but preserving more or less a very good sound.They were not a serious band,with serious intentions,so this tape should be taken this way;as a tape of a band that had fun.Nothing else.Cool stuff.

01.Dirty shoes
02.Union (Grand)
03.Little eye,little body,little dick
05.No way for them

HATROSS (Cro) - Rakalj , 02. January 1993.

I thought should I put some Hatross live shows here,as there were few requests for them.Those recordings were exclusively for personal use and I never tought they will be put on the net.But,then again,what the hell..So here it is the first of few gigs,all soundboard recordings and with not a minimal remaking in sound.with all the mistakes we made during the show.This one was played still in half-drunk state after the new year parties,and in a place where the temperature was at least -10°c.The floor in the toilet was covered with a few centimeters thick layer of fucking ICE(God knows of what that ice was made of..not surely only water..).And in the hall where the stage was,there was a tree-furnace to make the place at least a little less cold.So we haven`t got the need for smoke effects..Ok,I think it is a nice recording,if you like Hatross,this one`s for you.

PS;This guy by the mike is the Blockade Runners singer Tomo,who joined us on stage on one song.

01.Intro+Bigmouths sucks



04.A look at tomorrow

05.Dead end

06.Napalm fields

07.Self destruction



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