15 June 2007

ANTI-OTPAD (Cro) - Rehearsal 1990

As I have no pics of A-O from that phase,I put here Jule`s pic (guitarist and founder of A-O,one of the most important person of Pula`s played HC,and now guitarist of Bolesno Grinje).He and Gorki (the drummer) made the stabile part of Anti-Otpad,of which I was a big fan,and I mean of the first line-up.When Beli passed from bass to vocals , A-O fell a thousand steps down for me, playing a kind of psychedelic Hardcore.But,lucky me,when Beli passed to The Spoons,A-O started again as a three piece with Jule on vocals,and here they were making excellent Hardcore again.Here is one of their early rehearsals,the guitar is slightly untuned,but this was Hardcore that I meant they should play.On the vocals is ehmm..I forgot his name..Yeah,Niksa.This is a weaker quality recording (not of the baddest but still..),but I hope you`ll enjoy it anyway.
PS;The last track is from another rehearsal,but it was at the end of the tape,and recorded not so distant from the others.

01.No name no words
04.Norman is a whore
05.In my hand
06.Catholic church
07.Die of frustration
09.Forza per resistere (incomplete)
11.Saturday year
12.Fuck Yu system
13.Zivot je sranje
14.Gorki je div (wait for death)
15.Nuclear war
17.I hate people

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