10 June 2007

LEUKKEMIAA (Cro) - Powerfest 1993 , Pula , 01. May 1993

There you go;you asked for Leukkemiaa,here it is.This is a VHS audio rip of the second ever show (the first was on our first rehearsal,in front of 8 persons!),but this one was from the Powerfest,where we played UNPLANNED as a musical intermezzo among dead-serious Metal bands.This was a blast of a show,I could write about it for hours,but I won`t.I can only say that all you hear here is played FOR THE FIRST TIME,WITHOUT ANY REHEARSE!!Enjoy this one (if you can)!

01.Pise rec (live announcement)
02.Komm nach Pullaa (intro)+Controlled by fear (Fear Of God cover)
03.Mi smo najgori
04.Harmonija (U.B.R. cover)
05.Everb (Wehrmacht cover)
06.E (Wehrmacht cover)
07.Micro E (Wehrmacht cover)
08.You suffer (not a Wehrmacht cover)(Napalm Death cover)
09.Mega nuclear armageddon
10.No harmony no sense (B.O.L. cover)
11.U.B.H. (Uljanik burn in hell)
12. 3.svjetski rat
13. 4 svjetski rat
14.Quattro mura
15.Clap your hands
16.Fuck off svima a najvise njima
17.In the army now
18.Don`t drink water,fish fuck in it
19.Hajde da ludujemo (Tajci cover)

1 comment:

Frubi said...

Ovo je tvoj bend ?! :)))
Moram da cujem TAjci obradu :)hahhahahaha.
Aj pa se pisemo.


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