10 June 2007

HATROSS (Cro) - Pauk , Zagreb , 22. January 1993

This one is probably my favourite Hatross live recording;made in Zagreb,at the Histeria Party at the Pauk hall,the 22. January 1993.At the mixing desk we had Vedran Bozic,a Croatian rock legend (he played even with J.Hendrix,got it?) which made for us the strongest sound we ever had.Even with hard problems with the guitars,the amps,cables and effects,and without completing the lyrics for Sickman,we played one of the most explosive show in our carreer.The crowd were fucking crazy,I gave myself emotionally so much in that show that as I got off the stage,I got a very high fever.Anyway,I was very honoured when I went to the mixing desk to take the cassette with the recording,mr.Bozic shook my hand and said "It was incredible!Congratulation!"..what more can you ask from life?Those little things make life beautiful..Enjoy this one,I dedicate this one to all of you.

03.A look at tomorrow
04.Napalm fields
05.Self destruction
06.Intro+Bigmouths sucks+Queen of death

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