10 June 2007

ROK MASINA (Ser) - Izrod na granici , mlp 1983

I ripped this mini-lp from an old cassette into mp3,so the sound is fair enough,even it is not of the perfect.Anyway,this is a very nice mini-lp by this Serbian Hard Rock band,formerly known as Pop Masina (playing psychedelic rock) and this is their turn into an obscure band into a Hard Rock attraction.They haven`t existed for long,but I remember that I actually liked this one,so I am posting it now.I know that this will satisfy only old Hard Rock freaks,but for all those who are searching for a piece of Metal history from the ex-Yugoslavia,this is a good one to start with.

PS;Check especially the live track,true Metal!

02.Bilo mi je bolje (live)
03.Promasen san
05.Nulti cas

1 comment:

micksguitar said...

thank you.great music.fantastic.


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