15 June 2007

BACKWATER (Ger) - Revelation , lp 1984

I adore this album!! I still adore this album VERY MUCH! It is not anything revolutionary; it is BACKWATER!! A band that showed me that Thrash can be really good even if played without a desperate perfection. I always tought that they played this album totally drunk (I am kidding, right?). But, I really love their sound! And just look at the song titles; in some cases, surely not the usual Thrash-Speed topics. I won`t tell you that it is a must; for me it`s an all time classic, a record I won`t sell or trade for anything! You will have to find it out yourself. But believe me, old school lovers will love it as much as I do!
PS; The bass-guitar sound totally kills!!!

01.Dirty pigs
02.Too much alcohol
03.Bad choice
04.The black knight and the holy sword
05.The creed
06.Hell cat
07.Shut up and love
09.Rock hard

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