13 June 2007

LEUKKEMIAA (Cro) - The Worst Of The Worstest , cd 2006

Now, finally. The LEUKKEMIAA`s cd is finally here. 99 tracks of "even-we-don`t-know-what" pleasure. It took us more time to write the track list than to record the material here. It contains the very first rehearsal/show in Pula, on the 29th November 1990, the 13 YEARS OF NAUSEA project, the AMONIAC project, plus a soundboard recording of a show from 1994. There is also a bonus cd with 3 live shows, but I will post it another time. The core of this issue is here. May God save your souls...
Oh, right; the track list is inside as a .doc file, because..well, you try to write 99 songs and the rest..

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mazinga said...

Cannabis kukkakauppoihin!!


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