29 September 2013

NADIMAC (Ser) - Nejebanje Zive Sile , cd 2013

Wow, these guys make chaos every times they release a new album. Probably the best Crossover Thrash band from the Balkans, but I think even much wider. One thing I keep asking myself is how on earth this band is still not signed by a major label. I cannot swallow the fact that it may be because of the lack of english language, because a lot of Metal today has vocals that does not understand themselves, so I don`t see a difference.
To return to the band, again a great piece of album, and again a fantastic recording production, which was already heard on the advance track "Smrt Autoriteta". The tracks are all an up-and-down of tempos like a rollercoaster drive. Nadimac remains tight even with all those tempo changes. The lyrics are intelligent and pungent as always, and a try to write down some english possible translations in the booklet would be more than welcomed by non-serbian speaking people (a hint for the future!).
All in all, this might be the Crossover Thrash Metal release of the year. 


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