27 November 2010

THE BLEEDING (Cro) - The Sad Bloom , demo cassette 1994

Well, I will start now with a dozen of posts by bands with which I am personal friend, and some stuff I received directly from them. I am starting with a band that defined Doom Metal in Croatia, no one ever after made a so perfect Doom Metal material in Croatia and in the region, I may say. The band was created by Devastation`s first bassist Walter Udovicic Fritz, and played a completely Cathedral/Black Sabbath inspired Doom Metal. This is their first demo (if I am not wrong) which became very popular instantly, and with the distibution by the Belgian Shiver Records sold worldwide. The band lasted few more years, and then disappeared. This one is also by request!

01.Don`t ride the horse
02.Rising free
03.New storm

OSLOBODIOCI (Ser) - Live Cool Club 1993

Here` some more stuff from this serbian melodic Punk Rock band, I really don`t know much about them, but I got a shitload of this band stuff from my contributor Vladimir from Pula, and by the posts I already posted I noticed that you like this band, so let`s continue with their stuff. This is a soundboard recording of a live performance dated 1993. This band is Punk Rock, as I told, but they hang a very lot to the rock side of it, you can see it by the cover they play, the Jimi`s Purple Haze. Enjoy!

01.Black desert dog
03.Jesam li pogresio
04.Purple haze
05.Vise nema razloga za nas
06.Zelena limuzina


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