27 November 2010

OSLOBODIOCI (Ser) - Live Cool Club 1993

Here` some more stuff from this serbian melodic Punk Rock band, I really don`t know much about them, but I got a shitload of this band stuff from my contributor Vladimir from Pula, and by the posts I already posted I noticed that you like this band, so let`s continue with their stuff. This is a soundboard recording of a live performance dated 1993. This band is Punk Rock, as I told, but they hang a very lot to the rock side of it, you can see it by the cover they play, the Jimi`s Purple Haze. Enjoy!

01.Black desert dog
03.Jesam li pogresio
04.Purple haze
05.Vise nema razloga za nas
06.Zelena limuzina

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