10 June 2007

HATROSS (Cro) - Rakalj , 02. January 1993.

I thought should I put some Hatross live shows here,as there were few requests for them.Those recordings were exclusively for personal use and I never tought they will be put on the net.But,then again,what the hell..So here it is the first of few gigs,all soundboard recordings and with not a minimal remaking in sound.with all the mistakes we made during the show.This one was played still in half-drunk state after the new year parties,and in a place where the temperature was at least -10°c.The floor in the toilet was covered with a few centimeters thick layer of fucking ICE(God knows of what that ice was made of..not surely only water..).And in the hall where the stage was,there was a tree-furnace to make the place at least a little less cold.So we haven`t got the need for smoke effects..Ok,I think it is a nice recording,if you like Hatross,this one`s for you.

PS;This guy by the mike is the Blockade Runners singer Tomo,who joined us on stage on one song.

01.Intro+Bigmouths sucks



04.A look at tomorrow

05.Dead end

06.Napalm fields

07.Self destruction



Frubi said...

I ovo je tvoj bend?! :))
Skinicu i preslusacu , zajebava me ovaj rapidshare u kurac, moram da cekam po 45min izmedju donwloadd-ova:((.

Alexcro said...

Evo da ti bar na jedan komentar odgovorim (za sada).Hvala ti na svim ovim commentsima.I jedan trik ako nisi znao.Nakon sto skines neshto sa rapidsharea,skini se sa interneta,ugasi komp na 10 minuta,pa onda upali opet i opet se spoji na net.Dobijes novu IP adresu i rapidshare te ne prepoznaje.I onda deriiiii....
PS;Da,ovo je moj band,na pocetku bloga,prvih 4 posta su demo snimke tog banda,pa radije poslusaj prvo to..


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