04 June 2007

DEMONIAC (Ser) - Demo 3 , 05.-06.03.1988.

Now,this is the WORST demo tape I have ever heard in my whole life!!I wrote about imperfections and natural playing about the Extremity demo,but this one is a catastrophe.There are no pros to be told,only cons;the production with a hall or an echo effect on a complete recording fucking sucks,the topic the band is about is sooo lame,the musicianship is even worse than the Extremity one,they are off rhythm the 90% of the time..what the fuck they recorded here??How can you headbang to this if every single one is playing his own rhythm??It is written that it is the third demo,I am afraid to imagine how were played the first two!!They released an album "Touch The Wind",I haven`t listened to it,but I bet (hope) they got better on that album..I put it here by request,but I don`t like it at all (no,I lie,I like the intro of the second song!True!Until the fucking gay vocal!).So here it is,enjoy if you can.

01.Holy war
02.Satan`s warriors
03.Rising power

DEMONIAC - DEMO 3 , 05.-06. March 1988

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