04 June 2007

EXTREMITY (Bel) - Blind by.. , demo 03.1989.

Now,this is a particular one,I am,in a way,very emotionally tied to this demo.But it has its pros and cons.First of all,let me tell you that I do not love perfectionism in playing (that doesn`t mean that the recordings have to be messy or chaotic),I love a natural way of playing with all the imperfections that make the music more natural.Let`s start with the con(tra)s;this demo is played pretty poorly,the musicianship of those guys was at pretty low levels,there are a thousands of rhytmical and other mistakes on this demo.But the pros;whatever their skills were,they were a very inventive band,with interesting riffs and song structures,an interesting vocal (sometimes funny,but still interesting).Plus this one is a very clean production.I really liked this demo (and I still do!),so I recommend it to the old-school thrash lovers.And I expect your opinions too!!


01.Intro to ignorance+Blind by..
02.Living `till the end
03.Computers control
04.Life of a madman

EXTREMITY - BLIND BY.. , demo March 1989

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