03 June 2007

CYCLONE (Bel) - In The Grip Of Evil , demo 1985

Here is the first demo of this known Belgian Speed Metal band,the band where Christian Olde Wolbers (later in Fear Factory) started his carreer.It is a nice recording,the one here is not of the highest quality,but good enough for listening and for knowing what the authors of the "Brutal Destruction" album did in their beginnings.

01.Fall under his command
02.Incest love
03.In the grip of evil


Malkavian said...

Thnx for your thoughts about my dady's death! I hope you will live with your relatives 'till forever.
Ok, the CYCLONE demo made me happy so much! Thnx and congratulations! Seeya!

Alexcro said...

There is no bigger satisfaction for me than to make a friend happy..

Anonymous said...

just a note: Christian was NEVER part of Cyclone, he actually was part of the second line-up of Asphyxia, another killer speed/thrash band from Belgium, cheers for the upload!


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