01 July 2007

CASBAH (Jap) - Infinite Pain , demo 1987

Maaaan,this band thrashed..and showed that the far east can have very competitive bands in Metal.Casbah were a great band,and this demo is a cult in the underground spheres.The band released a ton of releases including demos,ep`s and compilation cd`s,But this one is undoubtely the most known.Worth your attention!!

01.Infinite pain
02.Chain gang
03.No more slaughter
04.Low intensity warfare


Anonymous said...

uz Jurassic Jade najbolji japanski Thrasheri! Imam i ja taj demo, ali ga sada mogu sprzit na CDu pa sacuvat kazetu...Hvala!

Alexcro said...

Nema na cemu.Uskoro i njihov album!Hvala tebi!

Anonymous said...

Man !!!!!!!!!!! Fuckin' great Band !!!! Listen to "Chain Gang" song, it has great balls !!!!

STRYGIO from Mexico City !!!!

Alexcro said...

Thanx,man,Glad you like it!


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