01 September 2010

A TRIBUTE TO DISCHARGE - Why? ... Again , Croatian compilation cd 2009

Well, well.. here is a Discharge tribute cd compilation played only and exclusively by Croatian bands !! And it sounds extremely good! Discharge is one of the most influential Punk/HC band ever, and a ton of cover compilations are recorded until now, but I am especially proud on this one. Enjoy it and play if LOUD !!

01.AK47-State violence, state control
02.FxPxOx-Drunk with power
03.FIGHT BACK-A look at tomorrow
04.8.SEKRETAR-They declare it
05.HELLDIS-Anger burning
06.BRATICI-The nightmare continues
08.ANTI TALENTS-Protest and survive
09.GRUUTHAAGY-Free speech for the dumb
10.BARAKUDA-Realities of war
11.THE TRUTH OF XXX-Does this system work
12.C.O.H.-A hell on earth-Cries of help
13.HOMO HOMINI LUPUS-The possibility of life`s destruction
14.NONSENSE-It`s no TV sketch
15.BOLESNO GRINJE-Ain`t no feeble bastard
16.NULLA OSTA-Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
17.AMOK-The possibility of life`s destruction


Anonymous said...

nije da se hvalim, ali ovdje sviram u 3 banda he he.
axegrinder dispo┼żega

Alexcro said...

Imas se i zasto hvalit !


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