30 October 2010

G.I.S.M. (Jap) - Detestation, mini lp 1984

Ooooh, this is something special, and came from Japan a looong long time ago.. this was a pretty unusual band, hardly between Punk and Metal, with a weird vocal, but great riffings with a very metallic guitar sound sunk knee-deep into Punk.Quizzed, ha? Try it, you won`t regret!

PS: Watch this madness on this live hyperfast performance of Endless blockades !!!

01.Endless blockades for the pussyfooter
02.Death agonies and screams
03.A.b.c. weapons
04.Nih nightmare
05.Document one
06.(Tear their) syphillitic vagina`s to pieces
07.Nuclear armed hogs

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Anonymous said...

If you like this check out their other 2 lp's, 'M.A.N.' (Military Affairs Neurotic) -kind of like Iron Maiden, and 'SoniCrime TheRapy' LP more punk/HC/metal mix. These are really hard to find and really expensive so I'd look for downloads


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