14 December 2010

SCAFFOLD (Ser) - The Other Side Of Reality, cd 1994

We played this summer with this band, a band that left a very strong impression on my band, I hope we will be soon able to play some gigs together in Croatia, as well as in Serbia, where they come from. What we got here is old school Death Metal, the first one which was balancing between Death and Thrash. The material is dated 1994, the band still goes strong, and released new material last year, so you will have some new stuff here very soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this one !

01.The deepness of emotions
02.It`s will happen tomorrow
03.Die aggression wird introjiziert
05.Women and love
06.The knife
07.Za nezaborav
08.In the dawn of Judgement day
09.The deepness of emotions (part 2)
10.The truth is buried
11.Memories from the past (Variola Verae)

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