13 October 2012

Signs Of Life...

First of all, thank you for the huge support shown after the end of this blog..Incredible, and sublime.

I am continuing now on a blog I already told you about, it is a blog about the scene from Pula, the city I lived the biggest part of my life, and a city with an enormous number of bands in its history since 1962 (the beginning of Rock music in Pula). On that blog, I want to collect ALL bands from the last 50 years, not an easy job at all, but surely a secure one, since I have permission for ALL the stuff you will find there. And there`s more; if I don`t own a permission for posting something, it will be marked with white letters, which means it is here just as a discography data, but not available for downloading. 

All questions you asked in posts in Audioheaven will be answered one by one, just be patient....

So from now on, I myself will be active on this link/blog:

Love you all.

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