07 January 2012

HAPPY NEW 2012 !

Ok, so this is the new year.. we`ll see what will it bring. Some says this one is our last, but all they can do is suck my ass (some heavy rhyme is goin` on, right?).. Ok, let`s talk business now. I am absent for some time, because I decided to reactivate my other blog PULAROCKCITY and so I have to checkall the links, and reupload and blah blah blah.. you know what is all about. Give me just a week more, and I will continue with some nice stuff here, all already uploaded and ready for you. Plus, I have to recheck all the links for the year 2007 (man, it is 5 years I am running this blog!!) because some of you told me about some links that have expired (because they were all on rapidshare, and I don`t have the permission to access my uploads, so fuck rapidshare, I will reupload them all on mediafire).Please, be patient.
This is it for now, enjoy your meal, your women, your soccer team, your drink, your music..

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