06 January 2013

BROOKLYN MILITIA (U.S.A.) - Demo tracks 2012

Now, this is a cool band, coming from NYC, this is the new band of my friend Joe Cangelosi (ex-Whiplash, ex-Kreator). The band is playing pure aggressive Thrash Metal mixed with some Punk and Hardcore feeling, the perfect thing if you ask me. These are demo tracks layed down in the past year, but as the line-up is now stabile, expect a full blooded CD very soon !!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! This band will be explosive and we are gearing up to bring the music to the masses....stay tuned!

Joe Cangelosi

Anonymous said...

Nice! Kick ass man!

Bali Hotes and Resorts said...

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Anonymous said...

THANKS for sharing. Great to see a new "oldschool" heavy band emerge. Hope BROOKLYN MILITIA make a live/reh music video (like AC/DC's "Flick of the switch" or something) or sell a rehearsal or live dvd, as it's probably getting harder, more expensive for bands to tour.

Anonymous said...

Killer...can't wait to see them live!


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