24 November 2011

MARAS (Mak) - Raskol, cd 2008

You know me, I am not into any kind of Black Metal, not even following anything about it, but I will always help any band from the ex-Yu territory to get more airplay and possible fans or listeners. And to be honest, there is absolutely no reason not to try them, excellent Pagan BM with a very good production, and with (something the band is probably very proud of) lyrics in Macedonian language (with a lyric sheet with translations in English). A very nice release. Try it.

01.Chortova dolina
02.Niz ridovite na izgubenata zemja
03.Pokrst (po patot slepci odat)
04.Vo slava na Triglava
05.Sin na mudrosta i volkot
06.Iljada i chetiriesetta
07.Neka gori ognot paganski

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