22 January 2011

SIHIRATOR - A.S. rehearsal demo 2010

And finally, I can post this relatively new Thrash Metal band from Bosnia, a band that deservedly gets more airplay every day. This recording is, as the name says, a rehearsal demo so the sound is just as a rehearsal should sound; raw and violent. The lyrics, as far as I understood is equal to black metal, only they don`t sing against christianity, but against muslims, which I must admit is very brave. Soon I will put also their first demo, so if you like this one, then keep on following the blog posts !

01.Silovanje na minberu
03.Tespih of pain
04.U mesdzidu

1 comment:

realskullzero said...

wow! really need to check this out! AS soon as i get back from work! :D


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